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Chum Is Fum

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I remembered playing the very original version of this game on the "BallerArcade" site since 2009. Very nice job with the remastered version, Diederik/Pieter.  Nice graphics!  :)

By the way, is the BR4 standalone going to be on as well just like BR3?

No Problem. :)

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I would like to report a small problem, but let me just say the game is really bada$$ in general. But I found a weird bug issue that I'm witnessing. Whenever I finished the Convoy race in Asia, the secondary weapon upgrade didn't show up for me for some reason. I know it's weird, but I'm asking to get this small weird bug fixed because I kept on finishing Convoy a couple times already, but the Secondary Weapon Upgrade STILL didn't show up for me and it's frustrating me!

I found a bug in this game and it really frustrates me! :( 

I like to play it again, but I'd prefer buying this on steam!

@xform Are you planning on doing a BR4 Standalone?