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refuses to extract every time. 0x80004005 // CRC fail. pls help

yo! MUD!

any plans to update this mod?

currently spits out a bunch of "missing expected field" errors.

I assume the download will be added later?

Looks like you put up the jpg as the download file on accident

It would be very nice to be able to search through just physical games, or just books, etc.

Sorry to hear the kickstarter was unsuccessful; game still looks amazing, really inspiring that you're still working on it despite the adversity.

Same here

I would pay to be able to run the whole screen at once with this, tbh.

I'm having the same issue, but the game is great!

Could you add  pause, rewind, and fast forward functions? If those are added, I might just stop using youtube and just use this.

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first, I love your game, and hope you continue development!

Secondly, this happened:Thirdly, the suggestions:
An expandable activity log so you can look back at past events
MORE STORYLINES! The investigation board often repeats the same stories over and over again and it's not very fun to play the same 3 or 4 stories over and over again, even with the different endings (which are super cool!)

Why is the game now in Black and white? I found the colors really cool :c