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I want it to be longer tbh, but still Great game! 

I had to play this! Amazing game! 

Please make more! I really enjoyed it alot! 

This game was sooo scary! Loved it alot! Wish there was more than what it was! 

I really wished it was longer! But other than that, Great game! 

Loved it! Gave me alot of chills! 

Amazing gameplay! Loved The fact i didnt have to cut The video too much and thank you for making it! 

Amazing!!! Multiple Spooks!!! thank you for this experience! it was a bit confusing at first, but in the end i surely shat myself

Yes i will contact you right away! Thanks! 

i played your game! amazing! im looking forward to more like this!!

idk why but i cant play it :/ when i try to open the file it sais its damaged or missing

Not very scary but it was soo funny, loved it! 

Great game! Could be a bit longer but other than that it was amazing

Very Nice game! Loved it, it gave me chills! 

it was sooo great! amazing graphics and i loved it, i was a bit confused at the beggining but i got the hang of it later on :P

this was too funny, and also a bit confusing tbh, but got to love all the effort and the idea, its great! awesome even! i played it a couple days ago but didnt finish editing it, check it out if you want :D

Great! Looking forward to playing more of your games! 

great game! loved the jumpscares, if it could be a longer experience it would easily become a 10/10 game :P

amazing graphics and loved the design and all of that! only thing that unfortunately happened is that i got stuck :P

loved the game, didnt know if i did it right tho, might have missed something

even tho it was a bit laggy for my part, it sure was scary as hell all the way through! and also, nice tits!

i had to try this game, and boy did it creep me out! the first minutes i was calm, and then BOOM i could not stop breathing super heavy like i benchpressed 300kg 

i played this the other day and i got to say its sooo scary, probably one of the creepiest games ive played yet

I played this and i got to say it was SUUUPER scary