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I met God in your game

This is super creative. Great job

I totally get all of that. Just throwing feedback your way that I figured you were aware of. Seriously a great game and good work getting it out! cant wait for updates!

To be honest, I rarely read descriptions of controls before I launch games so that part is my own fault. I feel like you could have mapped the jump and kick to more traditional keys. My gut reaction is to hit the space bar for jump, for example.

Well that was... stunning. Hyperlight Drifter vibes, metroid feel (albiet slow) and a seriously killer concept. Great freaking job.

Wow... that was phenomenal. I'm so impressed with the different ways of attacking. I will say other than "attack" I wasn't super clear on how to use other abilities but didn't end up needing them. (that being said I didn't' complete the list)

Critical feedback in no particular order:

  • The walking sound was a tad annoying when I was rechecking different screens and moving quickly
  • When I got to the end of the game... I was kinda miffed that I was pushed back to the start screen rather than being able to keep looking for the things I missed. Overall the end was a bit disappointing, but hey... that means I wanted to keep playing so its good!

This was hilarious. I had fun for a few min and overall think it was pretty cool. The controls I did find a bit confusing though.