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Thank you so much for playing my game! Haha, yeah it can be tricky at times. 

I submitted this project for the 1 week  blackthornprod jam, but joined with only 18hrs left. I wish I had more time to work on it, but keep it up here so people can see what you can accomplish with only 18hrs of gamedev!

If your interested in a jam game I made with the full week, check out beyond the grave. It won 2nd place in the bite sized horror jam!

Thank you for the kind words! I'll definitely be doing another jam soon! :)

Thank you for playing! I really enjoyed the commentary! Glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you for playing! I think I enjoyed watching you play it, even more than I did making it! Your reactions were awesome! I could really see the impact of that final cut scene, which is a great feeling! Thank you again for playing, and also for the kind words at the end of the video! Glad it blew your expectations away!

Yup, its the level design curse!.. And it wasnt actually to difficult. Rather, learning and as a result, dying. Only to be met with the same cutscene and not being put right back into the action was the downfall. By the time you get back into the action, you forget what killed you. Only to repeat the same mistake.. Or have something else get you.. Now that was the infuriating part. But your right, knowing all the traps and play testing it a million times does cloud your judgement.

Ahh, did you use velocity/forces to move the player? .. and yeah, I get the time constraints. I actually rushed my ending and did the whole end and boss in a night for my submission. 

The graphics were really well done! I liked the character, very relateable! For your first game, you did a great job! :)

Graphics were good! Wasn't really a horror game, but I enjoyed it nonetheless :P 

I agree with the comments below. The level design is not to good. It isn't that the learning curve is to steep. It's that you tried to make a hard platformer, with no checkpoints, that you have to go through a cut scene in order to try again. YES you put a skip button, but the cutscene still loads and you have a bit of dialog to sit through. I found making any progress in this game a bit infuriating because of that. The art is good for you not being familiar with it. If you wanna check out my submission you can, here's a link!

I didn't mind this game. For your first game, it was playable with just a few bugs. Keep at it and i'm sure you will do really well! You can check my submission out at:

I would of loved to play this game, unfortunately for whatever reason I can't see the ground, or enemies. I tried adjusting my resolution but that didn't help. I also couldn't maximize it. 

I really wish there was an ending of some sort. The graphics arent bad, but your controls could've been better imo. Rather than walking/running the character felt more as if they were skating. Overall good job though! 

I agree with the comment below. The story was short with 1 dialog choice, but you got that transformation sequence down pat! Good job!

Going into it I wasn't really expecting much. BUT I really liked this game. The poem was wonderfully worked into the design of the game, the atmosphere was great, and I actually grew a connection to the character! (Even though it is just a ball of light). The story telling was superb! Great job! 

I got very lucky the first few times, and the key was on the first floor (right next to the door). Although I didn't know where the door was at the time, so I lost. I find the monster spawning wasn't all to good tbh. I've had him spawn right on me, which resulted in insta-death. I liked the randomization of the key and containers. But design wise, I think it would of been a lot better to make the map bigger, player spawn upstairs, have the key randomly generated up there. Then have the monster and door downstairs. Because the monster spawn location, just getting the key on the first floor was unlucky because it's basically an automatic loss. I did beat it, but the key was upstairs, I memorized the switch and container positions, and knew the monster would be coming upstairs. Honestly knowing all that information it made the game more fun, and feel like a challenge. Knowing this, I feel like if the information was presented better (light switches always visible, monster more visible, door and approximate key locations known) this game would of been really really good. Solid submission though, and was quite a challenge! Good work! 

Thank you for playing my game! I'm glad you enjoyed it, and grew a connection to the characters! 

Good to hear, let me know when you get more of it done :)

Oh it definitely is a good sign lol. It was a pretty solid submission. Good job guys! 

Oh, okay! That makes way more sense, your submission should definitely qualify then. :) Yeah making a game in such a short amount of time can be brutal. I was just suggesting the sfx incase you never thought about it lol. Glad your taking the feedback I gave into considerstion. :)  and cool, would love to see what type of feedback you give me :)

This game had a very original concept, would be cool to see in a full fledged game.

I am winrar xD! I really liked this game, simple, cute and entertaining. I just wish it had sfx, and or music.

I see where you were going with this, but I think the execution could've been better. The animations were good though!

This game was a bit confusing at first, I read your comment below after the fact. I really liked the concept, good job!

I can tell that my comment upset you a little, and i'm sorry for that. Anything I am going to say, and did say was meant to be taken as constructive criticism, both as a player, and as a fellow game developer. You did not "Fail to tell the story correctly" To put it simply, your game lacked a lot of content (dialog options, more monologue, backstory etc). Which made me feel that as a way to make up for it, you chose to let one option restart the game. I DID understand where you were going with the restart... but due to the previously mentioned points I just took it as laziness. I played through a couple times to try and follow each path, and to also see that if me staying in purgatory would lead to new dialog, and I was unsatisfied with the results. I DO think that you should make more, and experiment with dialog trees, images, sfx and more. Just don't take my comments as an attack on you or anything, the fastest way to improve is through constructive criticism, and people playing your games.

I completely agree with the other comments. What i've seen so far is really good. BUT I need more!! The paper pick up was really cool, the aesthetic is wonderful, and the game world seems very flushed out. 

I liked the concept behind this game! It would of been good to have a controls option, or even text in the game world explaining how to do things. I think the artstyle is pretty cute. Another thing would be to maybe have some sort of semi-transparent underlay of the other world. Rather than memorization and a bit of luck, I think it would of been better to have it more skill based (which the semi-transparency would've fixed). Otherwise I liked this game a lot, and I don't think the world changing mechanic has been done a whole lot with games.

This game was definitely creepy. The post processing used was really neat. I kept expecting a jump scare, i'm glad there wasn't one because it wasn't really needed. The music, the changing of the post processing, and the creepy enemy was enough for this game. I really enjoyed it, I was a bit confused by it all. But understood that I had to get the white cubes. With a story line, and some sort of objective, you could really do something with this.

I played through twice, not sure if there is a monster or not because I lived both times. I would make it a bit harder. I liked the textures you had, but feel like you should of had a few variations. Look into normal maps and bump maps. I also didn't know you had to pick the flashlight up, I automatically had it when I randomly pushed 'F' the first time I played.

This game is pretty cool. After a while, the enemies spawn so frequently they are back to back. I feel like more enemy types would be good, as well as different weapons (a shop perhaps). You can constantly spam space, and since there is no cool down, you lose when you tire yourself out xD! When you create animations, you can also move hurtboxes. If you did that you would actually have to connect with the sword to kill the enemies. I like that the ghost shoots projectiles, and that there is another type of obstacle to worry about. The vector art is smooth and clean. I feel like this game has lots of potential. Good work bud! Pretty good for your first solo game! 

Man..Idk if I can even begin to explain what just happened. I'm left both horrified and confused by this.

Idk why but this game spooked me the most so far lol. The jump scares were awful xD! I agree with the person below, the installer was a bad idea. Art wasn't bad, especially with the limited pixels you did. I'm not sure how far the bus stop is, but damn, she should've got a ride. It was pretty boring to basically play a walking sim. The pictures were a pretty cool concept! I liked it a lot. Good job!