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How do I perform a refund?

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Why do you have 'em (animals) in .gifs and pics then? It makes no sense and confuses
Aseprite files? Do I have to own it to use a 23 bucks pack?
Also It is kinda complicated to change colour in not-grayscaled picture

There is no:
Tree, rock, leaf, grass and water animations;
Clothes (Hats, shirts);
Skin colors (Only white one);
Only 6 (Not 7) hair styles (7th's bald I guess but well anyway);
No gray hair style (Anvil pic.);
No grayscale hair styles, only colored ones;

Maybe author'll add this in the future, but there is none of that I listed above curently.

Where is the tree animation? Chickens? Hats? Leaf particles?

Where's tree's shaking animation?

Hey, Rvors! Nice asset you've got.
I used your character in my game Dungeons Again:

Too much spacings between tiles, that makes it cost alot of CPU's mem to load whole sheet

Used in my Dungeons Again game!