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I did fight the optional zombie but I didn't see any additional skills afterward. Just to make sure I went back and fought it again and I am not getting any additional skill from that zombie. Overall the difficulty is well balanced, I think the biggest issue is you just don't have enough MP. I really hope though that you will consider making this into a longer project as well, I think a lot of people could get enjoyment from a more fully developed game in this style.

Overall a very interesting experience and a great job at keeping consistency in the persistence of the characters personas. This style of genre could work great as a full game due to the back and forth available between the main character and the scientist, allowing for a continued push into the theme and motif of being anti-magical girl in how it mocks the genre. Not in the same way that Puella Magi Madoka Magica is an unexpected twist on the magical girl genre, but still a welcome addition none the less.

However there are some balancing issues that need to be addressed, and while latitudes are granted due to the nature of the entry, I was a bit confused at how the battle system was structured. For example, if you complete two battles, using only your magic and attack, you will likely die. Even when I completed one battle at a time, and went and bought stuff to restore my MP, I would still die trying to complete all the battles. However, if I skip everyone and go straight to the final boss, you can beat the final boss with your current skills. I did notice I leveled up and learned a seemingly powerful skill, but could never seem to level up to get the skill before the final boss. I am unsure if this is intentional or not to encourage the player to go straight to the final boss? Additionally just to let you know, you can still see TP in the character menu, though you have it disabled in the battle system.

I would strongly recommend that those reading here try this game out as the story and character development for such a short game are great. While the game does need further polish (if desired to be a longer game), it was an enjoyable experience.