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Glad you liked it. And, really, thanks for the comment! The feedback is quite helpful as to find out what little details people found good/bad. I'm going to release a more polished version where I factor in these suggestions (when I get the time).

Thanks! The white ones are supposed to save you from some clutter between levels, but due to a miscalculated score function I see that you can effectively combo them if you keep clearing lots of gems :)

Thanks for the suggestions.  I wasn't very happy with the result, but I decided to upload anyway. Now I feel motivated to see it through.

BTW, really liked your entry. Quite a polished puzzle game.

Got it. Gonna keep an eye on Discord too, thanks.

Does anybody know any configurations/hacks that can make any of these 2 work with eligible 64 x 64 screens?

Leveling up over 10 (while playing on Easy Mode, at least) freezes the game just when I'm collecting the final coins. Happened twice up till now. It can be unfrozen by no input whatsoever.