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Thanks for adding 'Play in browser' (maybe it was added months ago?)! :D

You could turn it into a feature and award a star (or fireworks or something similar) for the achievement. :)

Nice game! I did not finish it, yet - but i had a lot of fun already. :D

I solved 62 levels so far (Level 62 can be solved with 5 moves instead of 6). ;)

I played it yesterday to level 38, today i advanced to level 62 before i took a break.

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Thank you for the fast bug-fix! :D

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I did not change anything but it works now.

andreasboye i like your ZENGRAMS game, btw. :)

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Thanks for replying. Good to know i'm not the only one. :)

You may be right with your webserver configuration assumption.
Somebody gave me ahint that it could be a MIME type thing.
See: https://forum.unity.com/threads/webgl-netcoreapp-1-1-unityloader-js-syntaxerror-...

But if that's the case there is nothing we can do about it on our end, right?

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i corrected a small error in my prototype https://chriszorg.itch.io/normal-prototype  in Unity, compiled it (WebGL), created the zip, deleted the old zip file on itch.io and uploaded the new zip file (via Firefox). But the game does not start. I am getting a JavaScript error: SyntaxError: expected expression, got end of script (UnityLoader.js). And: 

Invoking error handler due to TypeError: UnityLoader[r] is not a function.

The game works perfectly when i'm using the index.html in the offline folder.

I tried re-uploading the old zip file which was working before, with the
same error as a result. I have no idea what's going on or if i'm doing something wrong. :/

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Ah, good to know. That "Play in browser"-button would work. The world symbol from the "Web" filter is a tad too generic, in my eyes. It's likely a good idea to unify the appearance of the games in the globals listings and the creator profiles.

It would be great to have an icon for "Available to play online" so everybody can see that a game can be played directly in the browser.

(An icon for "PDF download" would be nice, too.)