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It's funny :D good work bro!

Very nice game bro! I liked a lot the limbo style graphic :D 

It's funny, the graphics are a bit poor, however nice game! :D

The game is funny, maybe the next time focus a little more on the graphic, however it is a nice game :D

Good game bro! The story is interesting and well narreted :D ,good work!

The game is funny :D good work bro!

Cool game bro! :D

Cool art ! I think this is the  best game of this jam :D !!!  Good work!

Wow! it's impressive! A very cool game idea :D

Wow! I think this is the best game idea of this game jam :D

good work bro!

Thank's bro. Yes is a bug :P, I'll fix it after the end of the jam.

Tha Farm is impossible to complete sometimes, good game :D

The game is very funny!I hope you'll continue  the develpment of this game ,  there is a lot of potential  ;D. Good work bro!

Cool game bro! The game is funny, one of the best i have played in this jam! :D

Good work!

The game is simple and funny, maybe the graphic need a little improvment :D

Good work!

Good art style, i like the game concept . The ui is a little bit buggy :D. 

good work!

The game is funny, i little bit buggy sometimes, good work :D

Simple and funny! Good work :D

The first card game I found on this jam, good work :D

Simple & fun :D good work bro! 

Checkpoint ll be added after the game jame end,with new levels :)

It is fun and difficult, the Portal mechanic is well done! Good work bro! :D

it's funny, maybe a little difficult :P

Cool idea, nice graphic e good gameplay :) , I enjoyed playing this game!

A little bit buggy, but graphic and game concept are awesome!