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Christine Carmack

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Thank you so much for the feedback, this is so sweet! 

This game is a really captivating meditation on loss at a distance and how we perceive mortality as a number. I really enjoyed playing the Soul Machine, and thought the theming of it was simple but every evocative. The mechanics were easy to learn, and I appreciated the example of play. Aside from a couple typos, I was highly impressed by this game and look forward to more!

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This game feels very sharp and clever! Particularly the prize mechanic feels very fluid in rewarding the player and developing the challenges they face. Really enjoyed reading and running through this. To add onto others, an example of play would make reading more fluid, as I definitely had to jump back and forth between sections a few times before understanding.

This game seems fantastic! I don't know when I'll get a chance to play it, but after reading through it the rules are intuitive but have a fantastic level of depth to them, which is supplemented by the stellar worldbuilding offered by this system. Very eager to give this a play!

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for the rich feedback! I really appreciate your comment about the mechanics invoking roleplaying, as that was certainly an important focus for me. My intent with the connection between secrets and defeating the UNKNOWN was strengthening the mental connection between the pilots allows them to hold off the monster before the mech self-destructs, though that absolutely could've been conveyed more clearly.

Thank you for hosting - it was a lot of fun trying to blend my typical influences with a more nihilistic horror tone! Looking forward to the next one.

Will y'all be allowing tabletop submissions for this jam?

Thank you so much!

I love this!