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Hmm that's odd?? Did you move the arrow keys in the menu? Not sure what Is causing this error. No one who played ran across this error. Hope It works and thank you!

Hello, sorry for the LATE response. But dear god I looked back at the game footage and I didn't know how terrible It was and for that ending, I wanted to make It seem like she was a bad person that deserved death, but didn't really deliver in the game correctly. I may come back to this project in the future or so and make it better, hopefully!

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Hello, I created a demo of a pixel horror project called Have a Cupcake¡

The story  is a mysterious and secret meaning, in which you will have to discover by playing and analyzing.

But you play as one of the Man’s apprentice, on a task lookin for the “chosen” child. He gives you a Scarlet Cupcake to give to the child, to become initiated as The Man’s newest apprentice. The one thing is, it won’t be an easy task to reach the child from all the obstacles in the way.

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Nice game! What engine did you use to create this game? :3

How was this made, It's really smooth!! :D

Aww, thank you for the kind feedback. Glad you enjoyed! ^w^

Awww, thank you so much for the positive feedback and stay tuned for more to come! :D

One last thing, I believe the reason it's called Slaughter Hearts in the file  is because way before in development, that was the Original title and I forgot to change it to Colored Feelings. XD Oops..

Thank you for the feedback! And for right now, Yellow is the only color Route that is completed, and the other colors will be created and added soon. In the future I do want to add Options to turn certain objects on or off.  Thank you again for the feedback and stay tuned for more  of the game, since a lot will be added in time!! :)

Thanks for playing! And there's gonna be a lot more soon!! ^w^

Thank you for playing! ^w^

I noticed a ton of Errors while in development and your criticism helped out a lot! Thank you once again, I shall release a new build with more functions like saving and proper grammar very soon! :)