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Christian Alder

A member registered Sep 27, 2015

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This is awesome! A really great entry - the models, sound, and gameplay are fun - Like Tiger J commented, the ramping of difficulty is indeed well executed. A fun, minimal, and all round charming game.

If this became a fully fledged game, I'd buy it :)

Only managed to get to 17... a fun/neat little game! :) Never seen the movie, but after watching the clip I think you've re-created it pretty well. As the other comment mentions, a bit more blood splatter would be neat. I do like the blood spray effect when a zombie walks into the mower though.

Great job :)

Fun! Before the Game Jam I had been trying to complete Super Hot; so the whole 'time moves when you do' mechanic is one I am fond of :) 

Sounds great, and one of the few (if only) I've seen in the Jam that features an online scoreboard? Also the CLI menu screen is awesome; though I agree with the other comment that it could do with a skip feature.

Great work and thanks for making :)

Just gave a it a playthrough (Wasn't able to win, though I've never been very good at bubble blasters...)

The style and film effects are great! Not sure if there was meant to be sound and it just isn't playing for me? Other than that awesome job :)