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solid feedback thank you

Just bought it after playing. $7 isn't much but I hope it shows how much I enjoyed this completely unexpected experience

I really enjoyed the story... shows how what seems simplistic at first can make a big impact

Haha :D, thanks for playing Mason

idk what I just played but it was pretty frikin sick

My highscore is 24, I had a great time

Long story short, made toast. 10/10

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Hey thanks! 

Game is good

don't tell me what to do, kid

Awesome man. So tense and dramatic

Thank you :)

Very cool. Loved the idea and execution.

Good job both of you

I really liked this one. Reminds me of being a kid and looking through a kaleidoscope or even a microscope and being fascinated by the confusing world on the other side.

Cool game. Liked the addition of musical motif in the tracks shown in the presentation. 

It's crazy that you did all this as your first gamejam! Good stuff man hope you continue 

Good stuff Zach!

Really liked the camera positions and only having access to your outside perspective of another person's life.

I like how the player has to look for interesting perspectives in the world. Nice game

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I like the idea! Good job guys

Nice work both of you!

Interesting idea guys!

Cool idea! 

Great job on this one guys!

Thanks Isaac!

Very cool to see this completed. I played it many months ago and really enjoyed the game at that time

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I've played through this many times. The last line... gets me everytime

Thanks I'm glad you had fun! 

I have an updated version on my newgrounds that solve some issues with this version so feel free to check that out.:

A fun game that explores the day to day life of a cannon!

An interesting and flexible mechanic which fits the theme and has been thoughtfully explored in the levels. Good colour palette, great game feel, and a consistent art style makes this an impressive submission for GMTK. Good stuff Matt :)

Thank you for playing! I hope you can try it out against another person  :)

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This is the type of game where your first run is 1 hour, and your second run is under 5 minutes. Personal best: 1 minute and 48 seconds

Did I just commit a crime?


Thank you!