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Baldi's driving a CAR!!!

Can l mod a game at version 1.4.???

Just extract the files then move the .dll file to your Baldi_Data (WARNING: The file must be move to a 1.4.1. or 1.4.3. file (if you have download the 1.4.1. file you must move the .dll file to 1.4.1. Baldi_Data) to work.)

Otherwise the game will be stuck (press Alt+F4 to quit) or the game will be open a WARNING window and then game will be close. 

What update you made Mystman12??? (l didn't understand)

l alert you have an update but, l can't understand the update.

Sorry l can't help you more :(

Sometimes some games cannot play for virious, bugs can destroy your PC and other more.


(Y.P. on't worry, be happy :D)

Try this:

Right Click to the Game and left click to the procteries then select the launch game to (Windows you will select) and then press save it

Try to launch the game now.

Mystman12 can you try to add 1.4.4??? (plz??)

(if you want sure)

try to re-extract the files or hold the Left Shift when Lauching the gmae to make your choises.

Baldi can take ITEMS??? (What? Seriously now WHATTTT???)

Funny bug but in the full game this bug (or command) is fixed???

Nice Game!!!

how l can download Gamemaker Studio?

Easily game!!!

And l beat the 138 clicks highscore

My highscore is: 151 clicks

City Clickers community · Created a new topic WOW!!!

Really nice game!!!

Nice job mystman12!!!

Look how happy now Baldi is:

The Party:

The Jumpscare:

The Video:

good game!!!

(1 edit)

nice game!!!

l love clicker games!!!

See also my video:

l complete the in 18 minutes

(Watch the video:)

l beat it in 17 minutes (seriously)

l completed the game too.

SUPER EASY and fantastic game!!!

Nice game!


l saw a really crazy bug!!!

When Principal make a party sometimes Baldi is going to the party and he trapped me.

Is this a bug or is it command?

See my video:

you can try to re-extract the file and then launch again holding shift and a window open to you. Turn off (if you want fullscreen) the windowed box to fix it.

He's right


cool mod!!!

Like at Full Game Public Demo!!! (with no math)

What's the update to version 2?

Recommenced versions are for Windows and Linux

Cool mod!!!

And patrick is silly!!!



when you launching the game, hold the left shift then a window will open to you.

Click to the Windowed to turn if off

see my video (WARNING: l'm greek so my video is greek)

Sorry sorry wrong it works!!!

Thank you

l think must to hold shift when extracting the game.

100000000000 times sorry (l suck)

oh he's 'out of order'

That you mean!

watch my video!!! (WARNING: l'm greek so the l'm talking greek):

Did you try to re-extract the file or did you check if all the files extracted???

So so so so so relaxing music!!!

Good job meatball!!!