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Thank you so much! Both for purchasing and for commenting!!

I'm glad you enjoyed it! 

No worries and thanks for playing! Even I felt that the love triangles wouldn't appeal to everyone so I made sure to put it in the description. Thank you for your honest thoughts and I hope my other games can provide a better experience!

Please email me and I can send you a zipped file that hopefully will work.

It's okay! They just meant they liked their section of the demo.

Just to let you know, I am releasing route by route so please just keep an eye out!

The game is in progress and is in current development. When the game is complete, it will be available to purchase.

Ah, yes. A few people mentioned that XD

I definitely could've added more branching but I was in a rush to release it before otome jam started today so that's my own fault. Nothing you can do but do better next time! Thank you for enjoying it! :D

No problem, I hope you enjoy it when you can! The sweet and spicy dynamic is what unlocks the styles of clothing that you can wear. It is a mechanic completely independent of what the LIs like because I didn't want players to feel pressured to dress a certain way to get the LIs attention. :^) There are also a few scenes which are unlocked based off of it, but not too many. Most locked scenes are based on whose points you have the most of.

Thank you! I'll relay your comments to the artist!

Yes! All of the cast are BIPOC. :^) The MC is, even, if you consider that her grandfather is black. ^^ Thank you for enjoying the game!

If you go in the extras page, you can dress up the MC just for fun. Otherwise, you can only change outfits at certain points. I didn't think to add that as an option.... sorry about that.

I'm sorry about that! That is lack of foresight for me as a writer and all I can promise is to improve for the future. Thank you for your honesty and for still looking forward to my games!

I'm not sure what's going on! I just updated the builds so can you try it now? If not, please contact me at

I can send you a copy! My email is Please email me and I'll reply with a copy of the game!

Aww, thank you for sacrificing sleep to spend time with us folks at Merry Marigolds. I'm glad you enjoyed the art and the game overall. I really had a lot of fun making this game! Thank you for saying it was incredible. I'll be participating in otome jam and hopefully releasing more relatively soon so keep an eye out!

I'm glad you had fun! I am sorry about that! I thought I gave enough choices to not reciprocate Armando's growing crush, but it's hard to strike the balance. I'm glad you liked the overall story though and I'll be sure to improve in writing for the next time!

LOL! I'm excited for you to play the finished copy! Thank you! I look forward to it ^^

Thank you so much for playing! I'm glad you're having fun!

Me too! I hope you enjoy this one :D Feel free to leave your thoughts after you play!

None of the endings are canon since it's all about how you choose to make the sisters' relationship but I admit I have a soft spot for 4, haha. Thank you so much for playing.

I'm glad you feel that way! I actually wrote this in my faerietale style so it's one of my favorite works. I've only attempted it one other time and I never finished that project, haha. RIP. In any case, I'm glad you could take a trip to the land of Ice & Snow. Please enjoy my other games, too. I hope you like them just as much! :D

First, I want to say that I too visited a beach town growing up and some of Nova's experiences are drawn from my own. Never met a seafolk there, though unfortunately. )^': Haha, but that's probably why it feels so realistic!

Thank you very much for your many compliments! I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it for the most part! I've been trying not to be too lore explain-ey while also giving the oceans their own unique feel. I hope reading the full routes will satisfy any curiosities!

And thank you for liking Nova so much. She and Lemos were fun to write and I really like Lemos' route quite a lot. His will probably be released second, after Isven.

Comedy is something that I've always felt is my weak point so I can't express how gratifying of a sentence that was to read. I don't have a release date yet but I'm proofreading Isven's route as we speak. I can't wait to reveal the routes at release either! :D

Thank you so much for leaving a review! I loved writing Heroine for Hire and I'm glad that you enjoyed it! I always wanted Lyre to have her family be involved with her life because I love family dynamics and think they're so enjoyable to write about. Ivis is a trip but that's what makes her Ivis LOL. And I'm glad Veris in all his glory can make you unsure of whether you want to hug him or hit him. Please enjoy Fai's upon release!

Just two more weeks!

Thank you so much for the positive review! I always find it to be a little sad when games make their protagonists without family or friends so I was glad to write Timpani into the game.

I'm glad you liked Lyre! She definitely is a stubborn girl, but that's what makes her so much fun to write. I'm SO glad you enjoyed it and I hope you love Fai with as much fervor when he releases April 4th.

Thanks again for playing!

First of all, I want to thank you for leaving such a long and sweet comment. I truly re-read it multiple times because it was just so... so THRILLING to see my work thoroughly appreciated like that. ( ; w ;) I love that you love Carmelita and Ricardo since I often feel they get outshined by the sheer... um... Extra-ness that is Kitten Pink and James' chaotic relationship. I hope you enjoy those routes when you get to them.

Thank you for that. I wanted relationship types to be the focus and Carmelita/Ricardo's dynamic is so carefully constructed. Mainly, it's because I think that going from friends to lovers can be scary and I wanted to express that with Carmelita's route. Ricardo is much more forward with his affections (likely because he's felt them longer) whereas Carmelita is more like a recent awakening wherein she discovers that she DOES want Ricardo in that way... she just is too shy to express it and fully take the leap.

One of the main reasons PAIRS is a NaNoRenO project is because I was TERRIFIED of reception since it's not a conventional otome. I was scared to spend my own money to make it, haha. All that to say that to hear that you like the setting and more or less get why I chose it is incredibly gratifying. Thank you SO much, really. I hope you enjoy my other work and I'd love to hear your thoughts if you don't mind sharing them. :^)

Thank you once, thank you twice, thank you a third time! LOL. This isn't dead, I'm just working on Heroine for Hire. That project is almost released so I'll continue development of this game soon. :^)

Yes, you will receive the final copy. Fai's route is being worked on at the moment. I'm waiting on the funds from the KS as we speak!

LOL! Thank you for the UwU and OwOs both! I'm glad you enjoyed the story and the art and the mystery! I can't wait to release the first route!

Lol! Well, Fai's name comes from the Thai word for 'fire'. I thought it fit him since it's short and sweet like him. :^)

That's pretty funny though! I hope you get a chance to check him out!

You know, ironically, I fretted over Lemos because I worried that he would be TOO snarky, but people?? love him??? LOL I tell you, as a creator, I worry for nothing sometimes. One of the best?! That's SUCH a compliment omg.  LOL YES, the very careful distinction.

Nova was someone I worried about too. She's not a re-nameable MC, she's got short hair and she's got such fire that I feel like OP isn't really good for self-inserting BUT I really wanted to write her story. I'm glad you like the characters!

Thank you for the support anyway! Comments like these really keep me going so I really appreciate it. ^^

Last but not least, I thought Ascha would be the character that gave everyone side-character syndrome. How surprising that it's Pharaj XDDDD. Thanks again for the kind words!

Thank you so much for the support! When I release the fifth, final route, I will bundle them together into a single game as a patch and people can purchase that version. The route by route release is temporary but hopefully encouragement for those hesitant to try every route.

Thank you so much! Nova's got moxie and it's super fun to write. It's not a secret but I haven't announced it publicly yet. Isven's will be first.

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It will not, no. Each route will cost $6 USD.

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Thank you! I think I fixed it now.

Thank you sooo much for the compliments. I'm really happy that you enjoyed it!

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Wow! Thank you very much for playing. I also love this VN but it's definitely my least popular by far. :^) Ending 2 is probably the closest thing to a canon ending so I'm glad you feel that way, haha.

Although this VN is pretty say (two bittersweet endings and two sweetbitter endings) I feel proud to say that this is just the type of game I want to make.

Thank you sooo much for commenting. I'm really touched. ^^ Jellyfish Parade is dedicated to making ethnically diverse casts so I'm happy you're happy about that too!

Yes! The DLC of the second route will be a free update and will not cost anything additional.

LOL! I love people who analyze because actually I tried to make the mystery aspect something that the player could work out somethings but not others. I'm so curious as to what "trouble" you think Nova's going to encounter. Thanks so much for playing OP! It's really my heart and soul :'D And I'm glad you like Lemos! He's got a special place in my heart too, haha.

Thanks again!

WOW! Thank you for the compliments! ; w ; Soh is a jerk but there's a heart of gold in there just waiting to be shine. ;^) Koh and Soh really care about each other and I've always said that if not for Koh, Soh would be just as ruthless his mother. Thankfully, Koh exists and Soh realizes fairly young that he didn't want to treat his brother badly.

LOOOLLLL That Scene was really fun to write! And tbh I love when a MC can clapback so I gave her a lot of fun energy to make her dynamic with each king fun. Thank you so much ; v ; I look forward to sharing more of their world very soon!

I love a good pun! I can't wait to release the first route!

Thank you so much for downloading it and playing! Lemos is a character who I always thought would be popular, which is kinda why I wrote his route first.

He's a sweet man and I'm sure you'll fall for him in his full route! Thank you for the support!

Thank you so much! Lemos seems to be popular from jump so that makes me pretty happy! 

He can be a huge tease but he's not a bad guy. ^^

I loved writing their banter because they're both such fun characters LOL! Nova always gives as much as she gets but Lemos always tends to poke her to get a rise out of her.

I hope you find the mini-mystery fun to figure out. Thanks for the comment! :'D