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The game is unplayable because I can't leave the port. And no confirmation to quit the game? What if I hit escape by accident?

Do you even realize that the keys you've chosen are not in every keyboard layout?

I'd rather not as it would be a horrible traslation.

Don't you have anything better to do?

It's not English. It's in Axolotl.

There's the language tag if you really can't tell what language it is yourself.

How should I know how to play?

The art is nice. Especially the little windows are very clever. You're clearly visually oriented.

But you need to improve how you give players feedback.

Although the art was cute, the playing experience for me was unpleasant because of UI faults. The player is left guessing what they should do. Sure, there's instructions, but the last time I read a manual was 20 years ago.

Instead, consider giving contextual instructions. Always show what the player can do at a given point. It felt very odd that the stove reacted as there was no indication that it could be interacted with.

You should consider general usability better. If you require players to read a manual outside the game, make it easy to jump in and out of the game. I found no way to get back to the game once I exited full screen and because the browser reacts to arrow keys, the game was unplayable from that point.

Also, moving diagonally should absolutely be implemented.

What a ripoff.

I see. That is unfortunate. I'm not sure who is contacting Google analytics in Is it Unity or Itch itself? Or someone else? Let's hope it works better in the future.

I'm getting the following error using the template on Firefox:

The resource at “” was blocked because content blocking is enabled."

It's true that I have content blocking enabled as per default in Firefox. This makes the game start take a couple of seconds longer. I assume this is because the template tries to contact Google in vain. As most players are pretty hectic nowadays, some of them might think the game doesn't work and close the browser so it would be great if you could add a check for potential content blocking. Thanks!

I tested it and it works. Thank you for your work!

Seems to be broken in Unity version 2020.1.0b5.

Sorry, not here to read stuff so I didn't play, but as the story seems to be personal and relevant, why don't you turn this into a game that isn't just reading stuff? Could be worth your while.

You're an interesting individual. Let me be a Gollum, following you around.

Sorry buddy, can't stop fires with a spear. Need souls for that. Facts of life.

I was thinking "this is not a game, it's a book or a text message simulator". I guess this is interactive fiction. How is it different from a visual novel?

It tells me to get Firefox to run it. And I'm running Firefox. Yeah...

I can't get it running in Firefox. All I get is a grey screen.

Also you might consider using this:

Sorry to say but Flash is not the best platform to use. The game crashed my browser twice. Couldn't get it to run. I'm staying away from any Flash games from now on.

Although I didn't quite get the way things lower (or grow?) your meters I still enjoyed it. We are needy creatures, aren't we? Très bien!

Stuck at "it's not her fault, but all you managed to say is..." the button appears under the text and cannot be clicked. Unfortunate since the story had some relevance.