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Wow, I'm dumb. The game page was set to 'Restricted'. You can access it now! I'm sorry for this.

Great game! It's atmospheric and sticks to the theme of memory well. It took me some time to comprehend the game but I mostly get it now. 

It wasn't clear at first. I thought we were playing as Lou, then I thought we played as a friend of Lou, until the perfume scene when I realized we're playing as Lou's partner. I didn't know what the smiley and sad faces meant but I got it figured out. It's actually fun trying to understand these things. More clarity would be great though.

For a game that requires multiple playthroughs to understand, you should've put a restart button in there. But it's fine though. I really like the game! You got a new follower.

I'm trying to make similar games to this too. I hope to learn from you a bit.

I'm an aspiring learner who wants to do the best stuff I can. If you can, please spare some time and answer some of the questions below. I'm curious to hear your opinion.

Thank you for playing the game.


Do you think the writing in the game is not clear enough? 

Were there plot points that confused you?

Were there character actions that aren't explained thoroughly?

Did the dialogue feel 'unnatural' and 'forced'? Why?

What message did you get from the game?


Did the 'somewhat anime' artworks fit with overall theme of the game? 

Would the art fit better if the game's theme was 'lighter' and more 'wholesome'?