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My personal favorite of the jam

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I think it sucks that it's a game jam game, because with some more time, this could be really fun.

Just seems too short to make use of the mechanics and it's a little bit clunky in some regards, but otherwise I liked it.

While I think the game may have been a bit too hard, I think you nailed the MS Paint graphics. The graphics being drawn on to a notebook is what sealed the deal for the graphics.

The game itself is a fine, if a little unfair, sidescrolling shooter. What made it unfair, and unfortunately unbeatable for me, is the amount of mashing that you have to do to kill the swarms of angry police. Since I'm not very good at button mashing, it was too hard in that sense. Other than, the only problem is that the enemies were a bit unpredictable and would spawn without much of a reaction time.

Overall though, good job.

I'm sorry to say, but this is pretty bad.


  • Jojo reference
  • Most of the art drawn is quite nice to look at


  • Completely unfair and unfun gameplay where you can barely act before you die.
  • The audio is very loud due to the sounds stacking on top of each other
  • The screen feels very cluttered

Not a fan, but it did get a laugh out of me, so that's a plus.

There's a game breaking bug which stops me from playing:


Failed to load: img/battlehud/Layout.png

Cool, thank you for responding.

I don't know how to code very well yet, so a visual novel would be a good start.

Shame as this game is dope... trashgunners.

Hit me up if you want to play