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maybe the game is not compatible for mobile users?

Virtual ToyGhost Set!~
~1 Laptop
~1 Knife
~1 Cook Book
~3 Ingridients
~1 Phone
~Flour Bag
Living Room Set
Kitchen Set
Bathroom Set

(items vary in each packaging)

Floor 2House with 2 floors (floor 1)

I'm gonna do a game description on my build, so fair warning its probably gonna be long

a mini cottage rented by Amae. she passionly works as a caretaker. she uses that money to buy books or plants and sometimes food. her passion is gardening thats why she does not buy food often.

the cottage Amae rented is in the mountain, which is rumored that every person who climbs on the tip of the mountain dies.

i am in shock state of awesomeness

kultisti, can you add, uhh palletes? please


i tried

ohmygod 113 highscore yes


dressup gang


gimme more

i do have a problem with the finite one,though yes, you'd feel no accomplishment, but some players DO like infinite games, to fix this problem i think they should add story mode

6:20:56 hours of gameplay

at first i was starting out fresh, doing my regular routine. i took an egg from the chicken (you can give me name suggestions for him) then i started searching for wood, i checked my island, the right island, the left island,etc. i only have 5 islands (including mine) so there were alot of spaces to check,i'd also double check some islands incase they grow trees. after a few minutes. which is not actually a few probably around 30 minutes. i started to think about making cookies, so i did, but i made around 2 of them. i started checking the recipes i can make, i realized i can make only about 2, sushi and of course, the cookie. then a another "few minutes" has passed and i decided i would probably do the gold coin quest because i really want the faerie ability looking thingy, i made around 9 gold ingot (1 gold ingot = 8 gold coins. do the math) after that i think "yeah my wood and coal is looking low" and i did another wood hunt, this time i got really unlucky and didnt get any wood.

the end

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i  use the free version,so if theres any mechanic that looks like from demo, then thats the answer

i was not prepared for this shit

i have grown an addiction, give more


epik gaemplay

rip bud


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i think i did great job on this, i tried alrighti think i did a great job on this


thats thinking out of the box man


reuploading didn't worked

ohhhhh alright

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damn this comment predicted the future that i just wrote "Hi :)" after coming back to

the fonts bugged and showed chunky big squares, how do i fix it?

i have misread your comment, sorry about that!, but for now, i have school

i'll update it at some other times!

damn tetris in pog


idk how to delete devlog posts

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i don't remember much
edit: i have crappy grammar

plus the game is kinda old

sure!, maybe a little update may be nice!


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what did you need to download?

edit: nvm i knew what