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chill java

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  • Cute pixel art  
  • Good flavortext for examining objects
  • Yuri

This game was made for me.

The Lonely Wolf Treat series has been so enjoyable and this new episode is no different. 

My heart has been cleansed... yet ripped apart at the same time. (And I'll happily come back for more.)

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Played through all four episodes in one go, and I feel like I received a 15% cuteness boost when I was done. The characters, the environments, and the general aesthetic are brimming with charm and left me wanting more.

Even the one thing I wasn't a fan of (the initial episode 1 map) improved from one episode to the next. It's a small thing, but the change in the seasons and Frostling itself made it feel more "real".

Overall, I loved seeing the gradual progression of the characters and the scope of the episodes.

Looking forward to future games! Can't wait to see what's next!