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Super cool of you to take the time to review all the submissions like this! You raised some good first impressions to take into consideration like the high pitched gold sound; I'll turn it down a little bit. Thanks a whole bunch for giving Guld a go!

Thanks a bunch! I thought playing downward would be a fun twist on a classic.


Thank you! I hate that acorn-launch offset to the point where I spent a whole day redrafting the whole thing to make it work properly, to no avail so really I am sorry that it does that; now that I have more time I'm going to do some depth-diving to check what's really up with it, pull in some folks from the Godot discord to get help haha

Och tack ska'ru ha! :D

Thank you! Did you get a smooch?

I just need to say, how extremely good is that singer on rollerskates? Great, dynamic, colourful stuff; love your work!


Oh I love me some tricky ricochet puzzling! Fun concept, good execution, solid graphics and always nice with a bit of chain explosions. Good sound feedback, you could tell what was going on. My only gripe is that sometimes the "out of ammo" screen just doesn't happen, but since the menu button is right there, it's easy to get around.


Did not expect a rhythm clicker game! Initially didn't realise that I had to face the direction of the oncoming arrows and missed a whole bunch because of that. Would also have been good to know from the beginning if one should avoid clicking the blue arrows, or right-click them.

Very smooth and polished, simple and effective!

That is an incredibly effective picnic defense system! Rewards speed-clicking and doesn't really have much of a difficulty curve; I thought the right hand bar might have been the energy-drain of my laser, but that seems to have no cooldown nor the ability to run out. There also appears to be no way to lose, even when the right hand bar depletes >:) no game over for me

I think this has potential. While the auto-aim is kind, it might be better to actually try to click the oncoming enemies to create a bit of a challenge (the wasps are very fast and might necessitate the emergency, zone-wide wipe). The zone-wide wipe is a bit too easy to recharge, and could be modified to completely drain on use to recharge over time, to avoid player reliance on it.

I still really enjoyed it! It's great for a first game jam where time is so constrained too!

I love pixel-perfect and this is exactly it. Large playground, very smooth movement, like the enemy variety as well as the ruthless amount of mess on the floor that you can't always control the clustering of. Sounds are way loud, and my system volume is like ten out of a hundred. I really, really like your sprite work!

I actually enjoyed the slow pace because I have very low reaction speed. What I did miss was some kind of clear marker that an object/obstacle/enemy had been hit, or rather, that the hit had actually affected it and not just absorbed the impact. Figuring out which clouds did what took a bit of experimenting and could maybe do with some kind of clarity as well, if only at least initially. Otherwise very solid!

Cute! Love being a little nuclear pea. Mechanically solid, would be fun if it featured some form of escalation over time, such as character sphere growth, more nuclear radiation at a time, maybe the big radiation drops could check for the player's position and try to drop directly over them after a while to make it feel more targeted.
I liked this! Very well done

Nice vibe, good sounds, lovely graphics. Feels polished and complete. Maybe turn down the volume for the room escaped sfx, it's a lot louder than the rest!

Oh, so tricky! Clever little puzzler, extremely well polished for such a short jam. Smart puzzle revealing mechanic ties into the theme without leaning into the nuclear. Great one!

Loved it! Pico-8 makes for great, condensed gameplay. Good palette, clear objectives, very hectic but also very easy to just keep going at it! Have not managed a win state yet haha

One of those games where I kept going "oh no! oh NO! OH NO" Simple, enjoyable!

A tough one! Enjoyed the sun following my character's height level, even though sometimes the jump got stuck as if I'd entered bouncy-castle land, forcing me to take that radiation damage. Really enjoyed the sounds picked out for this one too!

Aaa, that's a funny one. Turns out it's easier to just dodge those chip-loving pterodactyls than bait them, kept forgetting to chug my energy drinks as I was too busy lathering up customers to use them to throw up the inventory.

Cheers, bruv!

Aaa, that's a funny one. Turns out it's easier to just dodge those chip-loving pterodactyls than bait them, kept forgetting to chug my energy drinks as I was too busy lathering up customers to use them to throw up the inventory.

Cheers, bruv!

Fun one! I didn't see the control scheme written out so I immediately destroyed my red block and had to figure out what was going on by myself and had a big OH NO moment when I realised what, exactly, should not be fed.

Clear graphics with concise, condensed mechanics. Just the right amount of "length" for a single level, could be infinitely varied by white cube placement/time constraints/speed for varied levels. The sphere grows a bit unevenly, the top portion hits the ceiling before it hits the ground, so that should probably be centered properly in a fix, if you update the game.
This thing's got promise! One of my faves this jam

Surprisingly full game for such a short jam! Liked seeing a perpetual reminder for controls (MMB prompt) as well as hover-over prompts for what item I'd need for a specific obstacle, because it can get finicky determining what is a puzzle and what the puzzle designers think are a good fit to solve it - looking at you, adventure games. I would have liked it if mouse-input (and velocity) had been turned off for when rushing into the radio, because I missed a couple of text-frames during its auto play.

Difficult! It took me a while to understand that you could only click the very base of the column and not the whole thing, so maybe change the bounding box to include the whole thing for easy mode for chumps like me ;> 

Lovely little pond scene - pollution aside. Satisfyingly obnoxious duck sounds to infuriate a would-be hunter to get rid of them off screen. Could not bring myself to shoot a single one, 10/10 hunting sim

Loved the increasingly catastrophic amount of atoms flying around. I'm not sure if my chem knowledge was of any help here, but it was good seeing old friends!

Loved the increasingly catastrophic amount of atoms flying around. I'm not sure if my chem knowledge was of any help here, but it was good seeing old friends!

Happy to have helped; thanks again for a really great experience :D

Astounding. Gorgeous to look at, perfect level of creep to understanding, just tricky enough puzzle-wise, some truly heart-aching revelations. Just wall to wall great stuff!

I just want to note that I ran into a small bug; in The Slow Vanishing. In the very first instance of the hallway, if one looks at the statue of Mnemosyne first the camera tweens back to the area with the doors for no apparent reason. This isn't game breaking; you can walk back to that area and then return to the hallway, but figured you might like to know! What a labour of love <3

That looks so bubbly and fun, I hope you get some help assembling it!

Illusory, hypnotic, wonderful. The fish-eye made "turning" feel more like some kind of swiveling strafe, as if in a jellyfish dream, and my goal in each labyrinth became finding the garden, to walk through the pond-pool and then with water lilies snared around my leg, climb the staircase to nowhere.

The Elsewhere spell was very helpful as sometimes you'll find yourself in a place of no escape. In one instance, a single white block with a red throughline manifested from across the map, drawing over everything else as some kind of goal, growing larger and larger despite not being actually there, as if I saw it only in my minds eye. Once I did reach it, it was just there. It was difficult turning my back to it.

Absolutely enchanting work.

Really quite lovely and engaging; using console commands for a gardening game was an unexpected combination that I quite enjoyed. The storytelling is soft and interesting and I was disappointed to run into some bugs, or just an end of updates rather than an ending (I was looking forward to flooding the world!). All the same, I kept playing quite a while after that. The music is good, wholly unintrusive. It's just a sweet little gem of a thing.

Incident report: when I advanced enough to be able to plant Nimbusmelons, the rain suddenly stopped falling vertically and instead started sliding horizontally across the top of the window, above the crop area. After advancing past this stage, the rain started behaving normally again, however the "next day" event stopped being formatted with the blue backdrop and started presenting as regular text and using the first level's "Another day passes" message. This seemed to have closed the game's update loop. I focused on counting melons for a bit and sacrificing them after each harvest but no.
As this is a jam game, I totally get it if this is where time ran out, but it's difficult to tell if that's what it is, or if something broke!

*excited whale noises of gut-cleanliness*

Aweh, thank you; I promise I'm already doing better <3

Thank you so much for your very thoughtful comment! (If you remember where the typos are, I'd love to have them pointed out tbqh <3)

A surprisingly intimate experience for something set in the conjunction of horror/sci-fi. Can get as dark and gory or bittersweet and indulgent as players choose; very simple rules made this a short but enjoyable run for us!

Thanks for your comment! You don't need D&D experience for the Soul Machine. It was designed as a solo experience, but it you figure out an enjoyable way to run it with a pal, more power to you! 

Premise is interesting, reminiscent of Bluebeard's Bride in its room-to-room playstyle, but could use a little bit more polish; especially in wrapping things up! This primarily because at the beginning of the GM sheet [spoilers ahead for those who've yet to read up] the GM is told to ask the player what horrible thing they've done, something like a murder. They might run with something else. However the end takes for granted that they've gone with murder.

Other than this it's a solid foundation for a fun game! A typewriter was not the first kind of machine that sprang to mind, so definite points for an original pick :D

It's the black and white that really shapes this eggsperience.