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I get a crash error when I try to load it, it generates a crash file but I don't know how to send that to you. I'm hoping the steam version works.

The game is amazing and I love it, unfortunately it does suffer from plenty of issues. Mostly technical bugs in the game, such as going into the arena in the bandit camp a second time makes you exit into the training camp even if you haven't unlocked it yet. Level design is kind of messy in certain places, and when an enemy on the overworld is agro-ed they start moving erratically and quickly, trying to go directly after you, making it difficult if not next to impossible to avoid them. They don't seem to have a cooldown either, even leaving and returning to an area (moving between rooms, not leaving a whole area) doesn't reset agro. This is a problem considering the level design leave a lot of linear and narrow path ways,  making it next to, if not completely, impossible to avoid enemy encounters at times. This is made an even larger problem considering once you start getting into late game it gets harder and almost impossible to escape enemy battles. 

Another issue the game has is MP regeneration. The only way to restore your MP is through items or by resting.  this is especially a problem when you are in an area you can't leave until you finish that part of the game. Now normally the game does a good job of telling you when you can't return from a certain place, so to make sure you're stocked and ready, or if it doesn't tell you then is normally a place you'll be able to restore health, such as a soggy washed up bed when you crash on an island. However, (spoiler warning) the tower of heaven is an exception to this. There's not much of a direct warning before you go there, It does say to go when you're ready but it doesn't seem like it said you won't be able to return. The moment you get there however, you're met with a teleport point that is broken, leaving you unable to return even if you're under stocked. 

Skipping ahead, when inside the tower, you have a hub area and other places to go. This is where a place to restore HP and MP is desperately needed. If you haven't been grinding in preperation, you might be a bit under leveled for this area, which can be a big problem if you're not properly prepared and stocked on items. if you're not properly stocked you may want to hold off on items until they're needed for a battle or to keep progressing through a room, rather than using them to rely on survival. The game would have benefited for a restore point in the hub area to restore HP and MP. It wouldn't have broken any progression in the game since you can't just return to the hub and go back to another room without all the enemies respawning again, so this would have been a good way to prepare for the next room ot recover from a failed attempt at a room without having to eat through your limited stock of items, since there's no way to buy more, and not many chests to gain more. 

The game has some minor unimportant issues too, such as being able to walk through places you shouldn't be able to, and one potential case of sequence breaking where you can mind break the princesses and turn them into cow girls before they request you to come see them. There's also the sex scenes which are partially obscured by the text boxes that can't be hidden, and no CG gallery to see just the images without the text. There's a lot that needs fixing in it, along with minor annoyances like an NPC's walking path blocking an area until they move.

Now don't take this as a negative review of the game, I loved it and the game is great, but it has a LOT of flaws to it. I know that Overwhored 2 is being worked on, and from what I have seen it seems to be going towards a 3D game entirely. either that or just sex scenes are 3D? not sure, but can't wait to see more.

With that said, after Overwhored 2 comes out, I think this original would definitely deserve a remaster that fixes the issues and improves existing content. Perhaps as a mix of the design styles of 1 and 2. Perhaps as a 3D rendered overworld with 2d sprites. The same areas with cleaner layouts, a CG gallery and options to hide a textbox. 

This has been a mouthful and some wishful thinking at the end, haha. I love the game though, despite the flaws it has.