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Even before AC7 was announced I've been following this game in dev for a few years now. While we're all waiting for the 4th DLC, I finally got a chance to check this game out and man does it impress. I love everything going on so far:

  • Longer distance for weapon locks brings back the old pixel-shooting feel that AC has been shying away from in recent years for more close-up action.
  • Standard Missiles behave more like QAAMs, giving you more of that high off-boresight feel that most military short-range missiles are starting to modernize with.
  • By the same token, enemy missiles are harder to dodge which forces you to really understand the best method of evasion, which is great because you have infinite (delayed use) flares!
  • Ability to carry more than one special weapon for true multirole feeling. Multi-lock AAMs and UGBs?!

My only cons are:

  • Fictionalized names due to lack of copyright use. We know the Sk.27 is really an Su-27 but I can live with that. It's not like QAAMs are really called Sidewinders in any AC game anyway.
  • No High-G maneuvers as far as I can tell. But maybe this is why the missile incoming warning indicators are as was stated by a previous comment in that it changes shape to indicate how you should attempt to dodge it, forcing player skill into consideration.
  • No Post-stall maneuvers as far as I can tell. This was most recently introduced in AC7 though, and how its uses are questionable in real life ACM doctrine, you have to really know the best place to use it in AC7's multiplayer, and I quite frankly suck at it anyway.
  • I can't figure out how to reverse the yaw/acc-deceleration shoulder buttons on PS4 controller. I'm sort of already just getting used to this only difference in controls.

Looking forward to more development from this game, it's really promising.