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fun weird little game ! love the artstyle.

this was such a good sequel to the first game !! it was so lovely to see these characters again and spend some time in their world. the humour is top notch and the topics we delved into are so important and interesting. thank you so much for giving us more !! <3 x

the art is gorgeous and the story is so interesting ! i'm so curious about the world you've built. i like the playlist that goes along with the zine too !

this game was so fun and interesting ! i love the mechanics of this little platformer. the graphics and the music are amazing too.

oh this was incredibly sweet. the dialogue and the item descriptions were cute and interesting ! the overall story is very heart-warming. i see all the queer rep !! thanks for sharing this with us xx

i'm really glad i noticed purrgatory while i was scrolling through's top rated page !! i did not expect it upon clicking a seemingly innocent b&w thumbnail with a little cat, but this game has become one of my absolute favourites. 

the art style is very charming and comforting. the music was perfect and spot-on. the dialogue was fantastic and had me laughing very often—and in some moments, painfully sympathetic with the characters. oh, these wonderful little characters !! i've gotten embarrassingly attached to this silly gang of people. i'm so glad i could give them an ending they deserve. 

i kept getting increasingly pleasantly surprised upon learning more about the characters and realising pretty much everybody is queer ! i also loved how i can write my own story when regaining 'memories'—it just made the experience that much more personal. 

thank you for all your hard work and for sharing the game with us ! i will definitely replay this someday, and come back to the home i found within the afterlife's in-between xx

frog !! and stars !!!! xx

oh this was absolutely terrific !! the art is gorgeous, and the character designs are incredible. i felt for every creature and lost soul we encountered—i felt how much they just wanted to be safe. the story and the overall message is really very sweet. this actually reminded me of undertale a lot !! which is the highest of compliments i could give. thank you for sharing this game with us xx

24 full runs. i went through 24 iterations of a life led by our protagonist before i finally made one i wanted to stay for. in some lives, i was too jaded to care and too angry at the circumstances that i gave in to callousness. in some, i was curious and went down different paths just because i could. and in other runs, i treated the characters and this story with the greatest care and the reverence they deserve. 

wow, i must've spent upwards of 5 hours reading through this story !! this was so incredibly well-written that i found myself genuinely lost in this world you've made and got invested in the lives of these characters. i felt the bone-deep resignation in unsuccessful runs like it was mine; felt hopeless frustration at the repetitions and the seemingly never-ending loop; felt the loneliness under the crushing weight of a world that i had to save even though it shouldn't have been my responsibility. i felt the contentment of finally settling down and giving these characters an ending they deserve. the way the plot is slowly revealed is brilliant. i feel there's still so much of this game that i haven't even touched ! but at some point, you have to stop. 

concepts like this are always so interesting when done right, and this is one instance where it's clear that it's been handled with so much skill and love that it's difficult to step away once you've started. this—and you—are beyond brilliant. thank you so much for sharing this with us !! xx

this game is gorgeous—i kept stopping just to admire the scenery and the graphics. gameplay was simple and it worked well with the overall purpose. the storytelling was beautiful and poignant enough to elicit a real, emotional response. great job on this, thank you for sharing it with us (and breaking my heart a little) xx

this was very fun !! the dialogue was entertaining and the characters are so creative. worf is so relatable. sweet little game ! xx

incredibly well-written game with the most interesting and loveable characters !! i was smiling and laughing the whole way through. i felt a deep connection to the storyline—the game's themes really resonated with me as a bit of a dorky lesbian. will definitely revisit this lovely world in the future ! thank you so much for sharing it with us x  

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incredible writing !! i spent quite a bit of time reading, navigating each branch of the storyline  until i've learned of every camper's story. thank you xx 

i am so sorry x