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Great story, artwork, and narration.

However, I did take a look at the game files while the 860MB zip was being extracted, and I expected some gameplay. I thought that was the continuation of Geeks VS Superhero, and I was excited.

Unfortunately, most of these files had absolutely no use in the game, neither did the base assets... The zip could've been a whole lot lighter if you did away with everything you didn't actually use in this project.

Maybe the performance would've been better, because Blue Lightning's upper-body animations specifically made the game slow down a lot on my not-so-good PC.

I also remember seeing multiple spelling / grammar mistakes.

The art is good, but the game was not playtested secondhand and it shows.

I ended up fumbling around for some puzzles because there's very little to work with. As the one who designed them, some solutions are probably crystal clear to you. But hints could've been nice, because I decided not to finish the game at the room with 6 dials that have 6 positions each and a pad with 6 numbers. I'm not trying all the cominations to move forward, and the only clue we're left with are colored flames and a reminder of what the numbers are on a clock.

The platforming can be really annoying as well, sometimes setting you way back for missing a very tight jump when the character's hands did touch the ledge you had to grab onto. Near-perfect timing is sometimes required multiple times in a row, and the responsiveness of the controls doesn't help.

I like difficulty, and I wish more X-rated games had that, but damn. Some hints would've made the experience better.

Great so far. In future episodes, I'm hoping there will be additional action that involves the geeks themselves.

You could've made the zip size a lot lighter by removing the unused RTP from the folders.

FamiStudio community · Created a new topic Saw channel?


Looking at the demo songs, I've noticed that some tracks have more than the usual 5 channels, some for example have a Saw channel.

How can I get them into my project?

Chances are the 2 missing cards are from the Kickstarter bonus content. We'll have to wait until it's available as DLC.

It's part of the plot to introduce you to a new area. The ending, where you'll have a chance to win against the king, should be in the next big update that adds an ending to the game.

Unless the game has been updated since the previous comments, I disagree. I got to the end of that fight on the first try, by choosing to heal every odd turn. The enemy plays before you and hits for a bit less than half of your HP, so the strategy was obvious.

Now for my personal comments about the game...

MZ's faceset generator is really bad, so there isn't much you could do about it except for finding faces somewhere else, which you did with one of the characters, however that made him clash visually with the others. Look into getting more facesets from outside sources, I think that's the right way to handle this. The town is decent, you've put in some details and I really appreciate that you've put some work into that. You did a really good job with the interiors as well, they were nice to look at.

The passage rules for street lamps weren't set up as well as they could've been, so the player can walk over the middle part but the top part doesn't allow passage at all. I'm only familiar with MV, but MZ is very similar and there should be a way for you to make both parts be displayed over characters. The top part of both types of trees has the same issue. There's a few tiles that should allow passage over them (patch of grass, mushrooms, flowers on the ground), instead they completely block it. Also, for some reason, pots can be walked over? This issue also happens with some houses, you can walk over the bottom part of the windows that don't have their blinds closed.

The passage options on MV are an O when passage is allowed, X when it isn't, and there's a 3rd option (a star) to say that a tile is to be displayed over characters and inherits the passage rules of the tiles below it. Otherwise, it could be that you've placed the elements on the same layers, if I remember correctly they brought back the layering from RPG Maker XP. If that's the case, you just have to pay attention to which layer gets which elements and the passage rules will apply as they should.

Also, here's a tip for placing tiles that automatically adjust to the same tile next to them: if you hold SHIFT while placing them, they won't change automatically. Instead, it places the tile as if all 8 cells around it were the same tile, and that will only update partially if you place something on one of those 8 cells without holding SHIFT. This way, you'll be able to keep the hedge wall around the house on the North-West of the town and have it surrounded by grass instead of being outlined by dirt, and the wall to the South of the town won't have the awkward outline of dirt around the parts that are 1 cell taller than usual.

If you can't pull it off that way, you can reproduce what you're trying to do on individual tiles somewhere else on the map, then right-click to copy them (hold to copy an area). Then, go where you want to paste what you made, hold SHIFT, and place it as if it was a tile.

Overall, playing around with the layer system will make your map prettier and cause less issues with passage. On XP, it was layer 1 for things that are below characters, layer 2 for the same level, and layer 3 for elements that are above. For the elements I noted above and some interior stuff:

Street lamp2 (bottom), 3 (middle and top)
Trees, weapon racks2 (bottom), 3 (top)
Grass, mushrooms, flowers1
Pot, anvil, crates, some clothes mannequins2
House wall2 (wall), 3 (windows, black tiles for when the door opens)

What I really appreciated from the fight in this demo is that you couldn't get by with just spamming the Attack command. I don't know what the previous post is talking about, once of the first things you learn about in the game is the ability to save using the journal in your inventory, so there's absolutely a way to save before you start the event where you got beat before. You've got some solid dialogue going on, and you highlight what there is to find, which is a good thing because many makers forget that they know their game and its hidden stuff but other players just get lost because it's actually not obvious at all.

In my experience, it takes 0 damage.

You're in the right area, but the hot springs where the satyrs hang out isn't the pond you need to find. If I remember correctly, it's just a little further than that.

Find the pond, then you'll get to go there for a date once you're back to the "base".

I'm glad you're feeling better. Depression is a bitch.

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There's a lot of eventing issues in the game, for instance beating all the rats doesn't let the player finish the quest, some text is cut off by the dialogue window because you have to skip to the next line manually, the troll bridge event isn't working properly...

If you haven't dropped this project, I could help you with fixing these issues. I know my way around RPG Maker MV.

I confirm the presence of the Noble Soulscape bug.

You can softlock by running out of AP during a quest before resting is unlocked. I thought I was clever, talking to the fairy on loop for free XP.

The muscular Gnosis may cause a softlock if it runs out of MP (pure speculation) before knocking everybody out, because it can't do anything and it takes no damage + escaping isn't possible.

The hot springs minigame, during the 2nd phase, says that the player got it wrong on loop. I have to think fast in order to push through the gauge decrease that also loops, thankfully it doesn't carry over to the 3rd phase.

Also, just a suggestion, maybe the Finisher skills could be Instant Cast skills so the player doesn't have to input combat commands for the rest of the party.

You can use the arrow keys to chop, making it possible to chop on both sides at the same time.

Looking alright so far.

I hope you'll soon add an identity to the player character, so that he's not just a heart icon in combat. On top of that it'll open up the possibility of adding more art, so far it's all VN portraits. Trust a thirsty guy when he says more saucy stuff will help you with getting more support.

The game was apparently uploaded 7 months ago, makes me wonder how long it'll take for you to complete it, given how far I could go with the paid version... I mean I haven't gotten to seeing anyone hard yet and a lot of NPCs don't have an appearance.