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Please continue this amazing game! Many people would be very grateful if you did!


They said i'm cancer 20 - 21 forgot month T﹏T 

i'm a aries, 4/6 ^O^

i haven't played it yet but i agree! it looks cute and sweet

Chrome- i think

Browser, Sorry for the late response!

uhhhhh, so my device can not handle the game and it crashes, most likely my device. anyways that devastates me because i was excited to play the game

Hi, it's a good game it just crashes on me when i get to the second area

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:o Very Fun, This is the first multiplayer game i was able to find for browser! (Love the art style)

If your on browser that might be the problem, if not i'm not quite sure im a browser myself

The Creator-

Even though it may be short, I Still Enjoyed The Game

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Did i do it right?- 

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(That's the creator-) 👏 And 👏 Good 👏 For 👏 You 👏 Human 👏 ! 👏 ^﹏^ (If it sounds rude im sorry i have a weird way of  almost always sounding rude ;-;)

G o o d F o r Y o u !                   c :

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Ultimate Win (To Me)

I Mean It! c:

I Think This Is A Nice Game! (Unless Your Me And Find A Way To Get Looped In Space qwq)



Wonderful! c:

Black UwU

Cute, I Personally Would Go With Black But, Beautiful!

My Score Was 7 qwq But, Anyways Once More Checking Your Games Have Been Fun And I Encourage You To Make More Games 

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I Have Only Played A Few Pikmin Games But I Would Say I Was Intrigued By This Game!

Will Do!

I'm Having The Same Problem It Might Just Have To Do With It Being On Brower, I Always See Stuff Late qwq

I Did The Quiz In My Car And I Felt Safe And Wasn't Creeped Out (I Was Surprised) But That Was A Nice Experience

That Was A Nice Game, I Would Say That It Got Me On A Emotional Rollercoaster (I  Purrsonally Love Cats A Lot)

I Like This Game It's Short And It's Very Fun To Play (Again And Again To Me)

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It's A Good Game! I Applaud The Maker Of The Game, It's A Fun Game And I Think THis Might Be The Best Game I've Played So Far

I LIke This Game Good Job Creator And I Figured Out THe Goal And Mechanics Very QUickly

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I Liked That- Multiple Ways To Fail      That's Pretty Much It But Yeah          Oh Wait.....This Is Old-