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I'm a EDM Artist and have been for a while now. Right now, I've got a sale for all the music I have here on for 30% that runs for the next 4-5 days. Since the track are royalty-free and commercial usage is allowed, there's no limitation to what you can use the songs for! Various Indie EDM, Chiptune, Progressive Trance, Piano, Easy-Listening and even Orchestra tracks are available. Give the free downloads a listen and see if there's a track just for you!

Check it out at!

The rights to a portion of my musical discography are now available for sale on! Featuring catchy EDM tracks stretched across various subgenres... Even orchestral works are in the discography!
Buy usage rights to my music here! This is perfect for your games and other forms of digital media. Livestreamers are permitted to monetize at no additional cost!
Alternatively, you can pledge to my Patreon! Extra perks range from becoming my boss and telling me to make custom music just for you all the way back down to early-access to upcoming tracks! If you're not sure, you can always listen to the music (without usage rights) free of charge from my Soundcloud page.
Enjoy yourselves!
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I got this error message. Is it possible to include the required files in the game download, or do I just download them separately?

What the? No comments on this...? Interesting writing, fantastic artwork and yes, heart-snatching music. Is it just me or are the three characters secretly real? I've got to let you know the visual novel scene was a little fourth-wall-busting... but for where it is in the game, I guess that makes it okay. 4/5!