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Chess of Confusion

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Thank you for a beautiful game keep up the great work 

Great game love it so colourful and charming keep up the great work.  

Thank you for a much different game keep up the great work. 

Thank you  for a fantastic game 10/10 keep up the amazing work 

Had so much fun thank you for making it keep up the amazing work..

thank you for making this game it is so interesting keep up the great work 

how chapter 2 coming along 

Thank you for an interesting game keep up the great work 

Thank you for this game this is so awesome i love it.

Thank you for a great little keep up the great work 

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Thank you for the free game i really enjoyed it and keep up the amazing work.

Thank you so much for this game was awesome keep the great work. 

Thank you for such a fun and interesting game keep up the great work.

Thank you for a very different game that i've ever played keep up the amazing work

Thank you so much much an amazing and interesting had such a great time..Thank you    

I just wanna say thank you so much for making  a  awesome game i can not wait for the full release . 

Thank you for a really amazing game keep up the great work 

Thank you sooo much for a amazing and fun game please add more levels  it's new to see and fun to play. 

Thank you for one of the funest games i've play in ages well done keep up the great work. 

Awesome little game thank you for making it keep up the great work.

Thank you for a hole different experience in gaming .


Thank you for the Experience i can't wait for the full Release  

Thank you for the experience keep up the great work 

please don't watch if you haven't play it yet also there's a message for everyone . 

Just wanna say thank you for the game and for everyone checking out my video :)

I enjoying it thank you. 

Is chapter 1 fully made then cuz when somthing is called a demo.. it's just demo not a full game or chapter of a game. 

K never mind i just upgraded to windows 10 and it's fix the problem :)

My Obs records fine in small screen but when i press Alt & enter & it goes to full screen even tho the game still look's fine. It's when i go & check the recording after I've stop recording i get black flickers. The thing is it never did this before it's only since i had to buy a new HDD because the last one broke & i had to install a new OS winds 7. Before it was Winds 10 i'm thinking it might be that because Winds 10 would get more out of my laptop but i not to sure. If anyone has any ideas please do tell. Also all drivers are all up to date. :) HD Intel 4000 graphics 2.40 GHZ possessor 4GB ram Thanks :)

i don't have the phone jammer in my game

are you doing right now mad th update awesome

it wan't a long game i got onto the boat & the game ended was there more to it than that.

you can get stuck in the game when you first enter the second hole in the old man's store. when you speak to the npc in the bottom right if you go underneath him he can block you from getting out.

I hope everything o.k its now the 23 of feb not that i'm complaining just wanna make sure all things is going well.

It is really looking good so far i'm loving it & it's coming along nicely i would love to do a LP on it with your permission of course when it's completed. I'm only a small youtuber but even the small channels can help get your game out there. Em Just 3 things that happen in game couldn't drink water/ when holding down right mouse button to aim couldn't fire at the same time/ & no wolfs lol. Also i'm assuming your planing on putting a requirement number on the wheel of house parts so we know how much wood we need to get to build that part of the house. But apart from that keep up the good work & hopefully soon the Gods of gaming Youtube will find it & play it. Over & Out :)

would it be ok if did a LP on it on my Utube channel i'm only small i'm not sign or anything so i'm not making any any money.

Try this one Pocket Mirror - Full Game Version 1.2 but then download through browser

cool thanks :)

I feel the water and hunger goes down a little to fast also is it just me or can no one else get food from wolfs. Plus i get more wood using E than the using the axe lol.

Also just wondering will there be a way to fire while aiming your weapon or toggle crosshair & Xbox controller support Thank you & keep up the good work :)