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CheshEAR Kitten

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I absolutely LOVE your art style and the cute characters as well as issues and topics that you put in your games! I've started playing through all of your games on my channel in hopes to spread word of your amazing work! This is the third game of yours that I've played through so far! I can't wait to play the rest of them!! Thank's for all of your hard work on these lovely pieces of paradise Nami!

Thoroughly enjoyed! Great time passer too!

I REALLY loved the game and ended up recording a couple videos of it for my channel! The first one went up just a few minutes ago so I thought that it was the perfect time to leave a comment! I loved the story and the different endings! I enjoyed that it wasn't over complex to get to the different endings and the art style is phenomenally adorable and very pleasing to the eye! Will definitely be a game I'll remember playing!

This game was a blast to play! i just loved all the random and odd scenarios!

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Let me just say that this game actually started to freak me out so bad that i was peering over my shoulder until i had to pause the game and head back into reality. After that It was hard to re-submerge myself.