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A new update rolled out that brings us the FIFTH champion! Unfortunately the visual assets haven't been updated yet, but with the new champion comes a new shield. Looking forward to seeing what he actually looks like when he's updated!

G'day fellas :) Some of you may not be aware, but a Royal Rumble Mode was added to the game last week. We now finally have a mode where all the gladiators will battle with each other, instead of just targeting you!

Hey dev :) Finally got round to giving your game a crack, and it was actually a lot more enjoyable than I expected it to be. It still lacks depth, but that's to be expected, given that it's a very early access demo intended to show off the game mechanics and not much else. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it in the future!

And the most recent update from today, now brings a Royal Rumble mode to the custom game options menu!! This is easily one of the best additions to Gorn in a very, very long time. Now it's every man for himself!!

G'day guys :) I forgot to post this here a couple of days ago, but more updates were rolled out to the game's physics, as well as various other fixes and changes. Those of you that don't own the game yet can check out those changes here.

G'day again, fellas :) Looks like we've got some more updates!! As of yesterday, the arena has been reworked again to make it look even more awesome than it already does. Some changes were also rolled out to adjust the way that physics work inside of the arena, making it easier to hit gladiators for a home run, up and out of the arena :p


Hello lads! Finally got round to covering the new update that brings us a spooky mode, giant mode, upside down mode and honey badgers! Lots of fun and crazy things coming to Gorn every week :) I particularly liked the giant mode haha

G'day again fellas! Hope you're all doing well :)

I did another update video a few days ago and thought to share it with you here. I'm going to do another soon though because apparently some robo dogs have been added to the arena now?! Will post the latest update for that over the weekend :) In the meantime, this covers the most recent changes up until last weekend.

Update ya again this weekend with a new dog update video :) 


Howdy fellas :)

A new update rolled out over on steam that's finally rebuilt and fixed both the flail and the giant flail, and now both are legit as heck. The Goliath champion has also had his armour reworked and it looks waaaay better.

G'day lads!

In the spirit of keeping those of you without the game updated on what's new, there's been a new build released that changes up our gladiator's hand model, as well as a few other things (like a HUGE boulder we can use as a weapon!!).

Not the most functional weapon in the game, but it certainly does make for a lot of lols.

G'day lads.

It's been quite a while since I hopped back in to do a video of AW2, so I was pretty excited to try out AW3 earlier today. Needless to say, it's more of the same fun that we know and love but now with a whole slew of guns (and lightsabers) at our disposal.

I know it's not going to be publicly available for a while yet, so I thought I'd share it with those of you that are still waiting for the alpha build to come out on Itch.

Cheers :)

Hope y'all are enjoying Gorn since it went live on Steam a couple of days ago :) I know that there are a few of you for one reason or another that aren't able to buy the game, so I'm going to continue sharing update information with you over here so you can keep up with its development even without owning it yourself.

Today I took a look at the most recent update that added a gong, some different underpants and an old new character model, if that makes any sense. The arena also got even more amazing :p

SO!! In less than 24 hours, Gorn is about to go live on Steam!! In celebration of its release, I decided to do another update video bringing you all up to speed on the final changes made to the game, before you get it in your own hot little hands and BOY OH BOY, are things looking schmick :) Especially the addition of the new Champion Bosses, bringing the current total up to four!

Hope you enjoy it and it satisfies your cravings until Steam releases the hounds tomorrow :p

G'day lads!

I know a lot of you still don't have access to the latest build, so like I always do, I've put together a cover video showing off all the latest updates that have been rolled as Gorn approaches its official release in just under 2 weeks time.

The game's undergone a massive visual overhaul in what used to be the elevator room, and has now transformed into some medieval castle-like prison thing? It looks phenomenal to say the least. There have also been a few other changes and additions implemented over the past week or so, and no doubt more to come. Oh - did I mention that there are BOSS FIGHTS now?! Yeah. Champion Battles are now a thing.

If anything else cover worthy pops up I'll definitely do another video of it, but for now, I leave you with this.


Ahoy there fellas!

Just after I got round to covering the massive update a few days ago that brought us hearts and skeletons, we got another surprise earlier today that gave us the ability to knock peoples' eyes out of their head .. and have them dangling and swinging around in the breeze for all to see (no pun intended).

Gorn's certainly taking things to new levels. That's for sure lol.

Cheers lads!

Closed :)

G'day lads :)

The number of updates that have been rolling out lately are hard to keep up with, but today's is reeeally something special!! We've got skeletons in every model now .. HUGE beating hearts that you can rip out of the gladiators' bodies .. a completely overhauled arena AND, various other small additions like eye articulation and teeth shattering.

As usual, I did a video for those of you that don't have access to the latest build, so here you go! I did my best to cover everything that you're not likely to have seen or experienced already.


G'day lads :)

As some of you may or may not be aware, another update was rolled out on Steam yesterday, including new armor textures, some changes to the arena, new challenges (they work now) and also a new skin to the bow.

I did a video that may be interesting to those of you who don't have the latest version.


G'day guys :)

Not sure if you heard, but an update was made to the game that causes the gladiators to cough up blood when you punch them in the balls (among other things). Decided to do a little video on it where the main goal was to punch as many testicles as possible. Definitely one of the best features implemented so far imo lol.

G'day lads :)

Today I got round to covering the Easter Update and made a short video showing all the new features that were added!

Cheers :)

Today I had a little bit of fun with St.Patrick & Santa :p

And part 3 -

And part 2 -

So I finally managed to play through the entire Story of Lords, and it was actually a lot of fun :)

Here's part 1 for anyone interested -

Much appreciated, mate :))

G'day fellas :)

The time has now come!! We can now finally make axes and shields!! There are also a whole bunch of other awesome things that rolled out with the latest 0.0.73, and a few surprises from 0.0.8 that seemed to roll out early!!

I did a complete overview of the update/s and everything included, that you can find below -

Cheers :)

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I second beach battles. Land and sea maps are a must.

UPDATE 5 has been released, and I've covered it (and everything that came with it) here in this video! Definitely some great things brought to AW2, but my two personal favourites are the performance increase (runs much better now), AND, the random castle generator! Feel free to take a look :)

G'day guys :)

I've had a bunch of viewers recently, discuss the possibilities of an Earth Crystal and how the game's universe may have originated from it. I thought it was a pretty cool theory, so I did a video on it.

G'day lads :)

Today I decided to break my way into the house on the hill, and see what was inside! I also took to the skies, to test out my new flying magic ;)

G'day lads :)

Today while I was reading through the ancient books of the Vale, I discovered something about a sacred ritual that the Hero of Light apparently used to imprison the Lord of Darkness with the crystals.

I decided to give this ritual a go, myself.

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G'day guys :)

Legends say that when the crystal of light and the crystal of darkness are united at the sacred burial spot in The Vale, that the beast will appear. Today, I put these stories to the test.

G'day fellas :)

I decided to try out a few viewer suggestions in this video, attempting to do various things with the crystals, portals and also with the Golem's shield and polearm in the forest!

We checked out sandbox mode as well, to see if we could craft the Legendary Hero's Shield!!

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G'day fellas :D

Today I finally got round to checking out Gorn and boy-oh-boy, is it fun! It's a little ironic though, that the best weapon in the game is actually the corpse of your enemy lol.

A Wild Australian Gladiator Appears!!


G'day fellas :)

I finally managed to get round to checking out the latest update and I'm very impressed! Das has done a wonderful job, though I'm still unsure how to make shields (if we can yet). Did anyone figure that out?

Oh yeah, and I also filled my shop with 8,250 ingots :3

Somebody had to do it! lol

G'day guys :)

Today I decided to push my PC's limits and see how many ingots I could fit inside my shop.

I managed to get up to a total of 5,250 before I gave up. I didn't want to risk my PC crashing and losing my hour long video lol.

Either way, I've never seen so many ingots in my life .. holy crap ;p

G'day guys :)

I did another video today where I attempted to answer some questions and requests from viewers on the previous video.

One of the most interesting requests was to see how much we could actually fit in the one order container, and what would happen when we broke it open. I tested it with 110 items (everything except polearm grips) and then 120 items (everything with polearm grips). The results were lots of fun lol.

I also set out to test the effects of MAX strength and agility skills and whether they actually made any perceivable differences to speed and anvil hits when crafting.

Lastly, I crafted great hammers out of all 7 ingots and compared them side by side (we did this with great swords last time).

Anyone that thinks this might be interesting, is welcome to look :)


It's Hello Neighbor all over again :p