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Umm, i think i broke the game. 
I think you should increase the volume of vocals
Visuals are great
I think you should fix the bug i lived, there was a bug in the corner of map and i tried to pick it up, and now here we are in stomach of the map xd

I died after climbing to 1200, i cri ;-;
Background was great, you can see the character and grapple hook points easily.
It would be nice if there was music
The feeling of going up suddenly while falling down, ahh that's perfect.
and lasty i hate u glitches. xd

I liked your creativity

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I think you should write what to do in game, i didn't understand the game for few minutes. i checked the game page but there weren't any info so i opened the game one more, and i died one time then when i spam to everything i understood the game, i mean  i think that i understood

Umm, send help pls, gravity gonna kill me xd

I loved the images, but you can see the blur of images because of UE4, rip. but the visuals are still nice and the movement was feeling great for a 2D game.

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My brain hurts xd (very inverted controls), btw i loved that "boing" sound


It's totally bugless game lol

hm, can you tell me the error or you can just post it as photo, i wondered that why is it gives error to you.

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how could this be possible? my old laptop has intel hd 4000 and it gets like 45 fps on low and 50 - 55 fps on very low. its weird


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I was afraid of couldn't publish the game at time so unfortunately I couldn't add subtitles, the clock was too late at the time that i published the game but anyway thanks for playing the game. 

The music made me dance xd i loved it

It's a great game, idk why people didn't rate this game, maybe because of it's awesome xd