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Oh so there is no sound at all? I guessed it was a bug, because when I entered the audio options, the game crashed all the time

Just played it, very well done, enjoyed it a lot :)

Very cool, completely forgot about this. Just took a look at it and it really seem to be THE ultimate guide to this engine, hope it will be useful for people wanting to start developing with RGM :) That car park hidden door is a funny idea by the way, love to see unusual ideas like this!

I just noted the texts under figure 93 - 101 see to be wrong, it's always "Hellwomb" and "Cornflakestein", but they clearly show other stuff.

At least not with this engine. It's not bad, but way too limited. Originally I started this in GZDoom in 2019 but eventually lost interest in it

Thanks, people reaching out to me and telling me they enjoyed the mod still 4 years after the release means a lot to me! I would love to deliver more stuff, I got TONS of ideas, but I hardly have any free time to spend making stuff :(


This is by far the most beautiful and impressive entry of the whole jam, very well done!

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Really cool and unique theme and beautiful well executed art style! Loved it!

Also pretty creepy

Really one of my favourites in the jam, loved the art style, the smooth weapon animations and it also made good use of the engine's features. Use of a lot of angled walls made it feel a lot less blocky Wolf 3D like

Very cool, thank you :)

Sure, if you think this is good enough for a tutorial, use whatever you want from it :)

Thank you!

Sorry for the late reply, but what exactly happens?

Thank you!

ok my mistake, I did read "registered 58 hours ago", but it says "registered 58 days ago" lol

After watching a few gameplay videos, I really have to admit the levels seem to be pretty confusing, people run around aimlessly and it's not really clear where to go and that you have to collect the bomb and then return to the exit etc.

Of course one reason was the tight time schedule of the Jam, I never participated in one and so I wasted most time to make the resources (which mainly didn't turn out how I imagined).

lol I mean yeah, the controls ARE crappy, as basically in every RGM game, and I have to agree, the animations did not turn out as good as I hoped (and I did not have enough time to make new ones), but what the hell. This also seems to be his one and only comment, did he register just for this?

Love it! Monster Bash meets Redneck Rampage ;)


Liked it so far, cool overall style, and the sound design together with the weird and distorted enemies make it pretty eerie.

The idea of the locked doors making an error sound is really cool! How has this been achieved?

Things I didn't like that much: There are black blocks all around the sprites, was this on purpose (to catch a certain style of the ZX Spectrum maybe?) or are those JPG artifacts or something? Also doing basically the same level over and over again is a little bit boring, and I didn't find the key in level 3 so far...

Didn't have time to test it yet since I'm still working on my entry, but the visuals are really stunning! Can't wait to play this