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Jeiel Aranal

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That would work as a holdover solution, but it would still be ideal to have a better way built into Sprytile. I'm working on a huge refactor of the code so this might be addressed sooner rather than later.

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Yet Another Godzilla Game, an LD38 entry. Buildings were constructed using Sprytile.

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An environment made with Sprytile and imported into Unreal Engine 4, by @nothing_A_D

Neat. The current focus of improvements to Sprytile is on the paint tool, specifically using it on non square faces which would help with characters.

That's very neat! Undertale is in my to play pile, but with working on Sprytile on my free time, I don't know when I'll get around to playing it.

I notice in Sketchfab that you say it looks different in Blender. Have you tried using these settings for Sketchfab?

You pretty much got it with your latter answer. Most of the time they're a set of tiles created by an artist and just arranged together. There *can* be tiles that are procedurally generated but that's not very common.

Thanks for dropping by, and have fun with using the addon! Would love to see what you make with it.

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“Beach Scene", by @NinetyHere

Created a new topic Godot Import Settings

I'm not a Godot user myself, but @DrZanuff posted import settings he used to bring his model into Godot.

From my preliminary investigation, it seems to be somewhat related to this issue: https://itch.io/t/72048/suggestion-for-accomodatin...
I'm trying to see if I can find a shader based fix to this so Unity can use forward rendering.

Created a new topic Unity Import Settings
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This has come up recently and I'll be looking for a better solution but now when you import your models created with Sprytile into Unity, you'll likely have seams appearing between tiles.

Switching to deferred rendering seems to fix this but it is not the ideal fix. The easiest way to set the rendering method is through the camera settings.

Other settings.


  • Generate Mip Maps: off
  • Filtering Mode: Point
  • Compression: Off


  • Unlit/Transparent Cutout
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“Low-poly Lighthouse”, by Sampo Pesonen (@SampoPesonen)

Hi! Thanks for spreading the word about Sprytile.

I'm not very familiar with where to get tile sets, unfortunately. If there's a specific game with tile sets you're interested in, you may be able to find them on Spriter's Resource.

Here on itch.io there are some asset tags you might like to explore.



I'm not specifically endorsing these assets, but they look like they would work well with Sprytile's workflow.:




Oh jeez, I forgot to actually bump the version number up in the add on so that won't be useful information.

What's the version number of Sprytile?

So I can get a handle on this problem, I'd like to know what your workflows are for adding the bleed border to your textures.

Created a new topic Sprytile UI Poll

Sprytile users! A new tool is incoming but I need to change the UI temporarily, until I have the time to execute on a better UI change.

Which would you prefer:

Main tools on bottom?

Main tools on top?

You can reply here or vote on the twitter poll.

This change will probably be temporary because making the better UI change will require documentation updates which I don't have time for yet.

Thanks for letting me know about this, I did not know this. My use case would have been with unfiltered and non mip mapped textures so I wouldn't have come across it otherwise.

Hi, there are detailed installation instructions in the quick start tutorial.

Created a new topic General Help and Support
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Please post here if you have questions about Sprytile. Also feel free to contact me on Twitter.

From the output it looks like you're using Blender 2.75. The add-on has been tested from version 2.77 and up.

Wow! I didn't see that! Thanks for the heads up!

Created a new topic Changelog
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Sprytile Release Changelog

May 24, 2017 - v0.3.93

  • Auto reload checks for file modification before reload, fixes race condition
  • Preview for paint mode enabled
  • Fixes for paint mode

April 21, 2017 - v0.3.9

  • Image reload tags views for redraw
  • Fix bug when saving while Sprytile is running
  • Usability fixes for preview cursor

April 20, 2017 - v0.3.8

  • Bug fixes for preview cursor
  • Preview cursor also shown in fill mode
  • Work plane manipulation enhancements

April 19, 2017 - v0.3.7

  • Build tool preview cursor
  • Fix tile select UI scrolling
  • Fix cursor flow bug

April 16, 2017 - v0.3.1

April 15, 2017 - v0.3.0

  • Fill tool implemented
  • Pressing shift key while snapping changes snap modes.
  • Affordances for object mode panel

April 9, 2017 - v0.2.8

  • Enhanced work axis plane indicator
  • More fixes to build mode, should no longer build behind mesh
  • Integrated Blender Addon Updater, install latest updates from Blender

April 8, 2017 - v0.2.6

  • Fixed build mode regression, unable to build over other tiles
  • Implemented automatic image reload
  • Implemented work axis indicator

April 4, 2017 - v0.2.5:

  • Fixed tile placement crash bug, are we free from Sprytile reset?

April 2, 2017 - v0.2.4:

  • Fixed multiple materials bug.
  • Material/texture setup modified.
  • Advanced Features tutorial added to documentation.
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I got a question about Sketchfab exporting and a quick Google didn't turn up guides for how to display low spec models in Sketchfab, so I thought I'll put the settings I used for the demo house here.

I'm not saying this is the best way to do it, just that its the way I'm doing it because I remember it was a pain in the butt to setup when you're unfamiliar with Sketchfab.

1. Setup the Sketchfab exporter

2. Export your scene to Sketchfab, following this tutorial.

Some things to consider doing before exporting that might make setup in sketchfab easier:

  • Deleting the cameras and lights in your scene
  • Packing your textures into the Blend file, using File > External Data > Pack All Into .blend

3. Sketchfab material setup

Once your model is uploaded from Blender, go back to the Sketchfab website and edit your model's 3D settings there

There may be more artistic ways to present your models in Sketchfab, but these are baseline settings for a low-spec model. Important settings are highlighted.

Material settings

Double sided rendering should depend on your model.

Texture setup is important. If your texture isn't showing up here, click on the manage textures button and upload your texture. Next, select the texture from the drop down and set the highlighted settings.

Next, change the transparency filtering settings for the model. Under the transparency foldout, click on the texture to expand the settings and set it up as shown below.

For the particular pixel art style I used for the test tiles?

I'm not sure if there is a tutorial for it, I really just made it up as I went along. I'm not the strongest pixel artist so I'm not confident I can explain the decisions behind the tile set.

Thanks! Yes, more features will be added, my development tracker is over here but development might be slow over this week because of work.

I'm not so sure about adding a key for deleting faces. My general philosophy with developing Sprytile is to lean on Blender's workflow rather than coming up with new ones. For mass face deletion, I like using the paint selection tool to select the faces and deleting as usual but if there is demand for this, I might consider implementing it.

I haven't posted this to forums yet, I still need to do more promotion of the tool. Thanks for the idea of posting there!

Ah! Those are renders! My personal use case has been real time rendering all this time so I never thought to actually do a render. Thanks!

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“Gas Station", by Sampo Pesonen (@SampoPesonen)

Out of curiosity, what operating system are you on? I'm wondering if there's some platform differences I do not know about because the textures look okay for me at the current settings. Will still implement these, the changes don't seem to affect the render on Windows.

Thanks for these suggestions! These should be relatively simple to implement.

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“City District" by James Hostetler (@metkis)

Created a new topic Mini Showcase

Mini showcase! I'll link to social media posts of things created with Sprytile. Hit me up as @chemikhazi on Twitter or @subjnerd on Instagram

Created a new topic Tutorial and other Resources
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A written quick start tutorial is available in the documentation.

And when you're done with the basics, move on to the advanced features tutorial.

The tutorials will also be available as video tutorials as I get done with them

Other Resources

And here's the Sketchfab export. Like I mentioned before, this was built before I had auto merge vertices so I had to manually merge the vertices when exporting, which is not a fun time.

Created a new topic Kestrel Project WIP

One of the reasons I wanted to build Sprytile was so I could build the Kestrel from FTL in a low spec style. I've put waaaayyyyy too much time into the game, so why not put even more time into it in a more productive manner.

I may need help

Initial layout of the interiors was easy enough to do…

…but detailing will be another matter. The doors are all instances, so that helps.

The exterior of the ship is being built with a combination of plopping down tiles with the Sprytile build tool, manipulating the faces with other Blender tools and then using Sprytile UV paint tools and the UV editor when necessary.

I'm making slow progress on the exterior since work gets in the way. You might also notice that the tile sheet is non square. I don't think Sprytile as it currently stands will be able to handle resizing the source texture gracefully since tile addressing isn't designed to handle that but I'll cross that bridge when I get there I suppose.

I'm going to have to make stuff up for the lower half of the Kestrel since that part is never seen in game.

Created a new topic Sprytile Demo House

This is the model I created while building Sprytile so I would be forced eat my own dogfood and find the kinks in the workflow.

I abused booleans pretty hard in making this model.

Building these pipes showed me the value of the paint tool in quickly manipulating the UVs. I still had to take trips to the UV editor this early in Sprytile's development. Going further with Sprytile development, I hope to reduce needing to go into the UV editor further.

The ground was made to test building a more organic mesh. At this point of Sprytile's development I hadn't implemented vertex merging yet. The lack of vertex merging made constructing this a pain in the butt. This and exporting the model to Sketchfab and ending up with visible slits between faces convinced me that merged vertices is a must for the workflow.

I created the textures using PyxelEdit. My editor of preference is Aseprite but the tiling support isn't there yet.