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Jeiel Aranal

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Posted in Discord server?

Hey HeadClot, and anyone else interested in the Discord. Here is the server invite.

There isn't a way to change sprytile's hotkeys beyond the one to invoke Sprytile, sorry.

I haven't figured out how to get modal key mappings working yet and it seems to be poorly documented in Blender.

I am open to creating alternate hotkey binding modes for future releases to accommodate users though.

Posted in Discord server?

I don't use Discord regularly myself, I'm mostly a Slack user but I'm open to doing a Discord if that's what the community would like to use.

I'll send feelers out so see if this is something people are interested in. Thanks for the suggestion, Hyohnoo!

The axis lock button is pressed. Turn off the button under β€œauto merge” and you should be able to paint on the camera view axis again.

Thanks for trying out Sprytile!

That's a really neat edit! If you upload your texture to imgur, you can make a linkable version that automatically loads your texture when opened.

Hmm, a bit difficult to diagnose this without more to go on. It's possible the problem is the viewport shading mode, which I do need to highlight in the next documentation pass.

Make sure the viewport shading is set to material when this happens next.

Thanks for checking out and using Sprytile, Bananaft. I'll look into this technique and see if it's feasible to integrate into Sprytile.

Sweet! Haven't seen the milk carton before!

Thanks! If there's an incentive that would interest you, let me know, it would help me a lot with planning :)

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Fantasy docks, by @2Pblog1

Posted in Mini Showcase

Farm Scene, by @2Pblog1

Posted in Mini Showcase

Chibi Thundremoar [sketchfab link]

Posted in Mini Showcase

"Moving Out", by @Hyohnoo

Came across this too when I tried to reproduce the issue. Textures not showing up seems to happen when you start a new scene with Cycles on before using Sprytile. It's a little strange that it continues to work when switching to Cycles after setting up Sprytile, but this issue has been noted in the recent docs update :)

This is using Blenders internal renderer? I've been rendering using that and don't remember having to take any extra steps, the material and texture setup should theoretically take care of it.

I'm afraid I'll only be able to help with this tomorrow since I'll be AFK, but try searching for mipmap settings, either in the system settings or the material.

Reset offsets to zero, and set the tile size back to 32x32. Set padding to 1x1. It looks like you added margins to the tileset, from eyeballing it, looks like you have to add 1 margin on each side, and then a 1x1 offset.

Think of padding as the safe space that goes around the tile. 

Margins are the spacing between tiles.

Offset moves the entire grid from the origin.

It sounds like the mipmap settings weren't saved in the blender preferences. Go back to the user preferences step in the tutorial about the mipmap settings and make sure to press save preferences on the bottom corner of the window before closing the preferences.

I haven't had PayPal errors reported to me yet, but this sounds like it would be better reported to itch. Thanks for your interest in supporting Sprytile!

The offset origin starts from the bottom left corner and is a pixel value. Can you please describe what you're trying to do? These settings might not be what you want.

I have the skillset to make this a Unity tool, but I'd need a compelling reason to. Blender gives users the most flexibility with their workflows, being a dedicated 3D software. For now you can easily get take the models you create in Blender + Sprytile and import them into Unity. If you're not familiar with Blender, there is some work required learn the software, but I think it's a worthwhile investment for what you get out of Blender.

Thanks for letting me know, I don't really use the Cycles renderer myself. It's probably something to do with OpenGL access being different when Cycles is active.

Thanks for reporting this error, I'll add this to the bug list and look into it.

Thanks! Hope you find it useful!

Posted in Mini Showcase

Dock test scene, by PixelBoy

Yep, could use a corner floor tile which I could have put together if I wanted to edit the tileset. I did enjoy the effect of the liquids spilling down into the floor though.

I like using your tileset to test my Blender tool out, the power of two size helps it work really well with 3D engines. Keep up the nice pixel art work!

First thing to do is set up your second material. You can do this in the Sprytile panel, in the tile grid area. Make sure to run the set material to shadeless operation as well.

Next, go to the material and load the tileset in and set it to a pixel texture. Not covering it here, it's the same steps as the basics.

There are now two tilesets you can create with in your object. Duplicating this object is the easiest thing to do. However, if you start from a new mesh object, you will have to assign the materials to the new mesh. They have to be assigned in the same order as in the original object.

This is doable in Sprytile by using multiple materials. It's not documented yet, but I'll put an informal how to in this thread.

What a strange error, glad you have a usable copy of Blender to use at least. You could also try downloading the portable builds of Blender to see if it helps. Have fun with Sprytile!

This might be a more general Blender issue, but to be sure I'd like to take a look at the .blend file. There might be a material setting the setup function isn't taking into consideration. Would it be possible to upload your file somewhere? Or if not, it could be sent through email.

Thanks for taking the time to check out Sprytile!

Can you please try going back to object mode and pressing the "Set Material to Shadeless" button in the Sprytile panel?

This might be something to do with your Blender system settings. Can you open your user preferences window and switch to the system tab? For reference, this is what mine looks like.

You can also try deleting the lights in your scene.

I saw your Twitter post so this might have been sorted out already, but replying in case it helps other people as well.

Which renderer are you using? I've only really tested with Blender's internal renderer and the quick material setup is really designed for an unlit look. The material settings may have to be changed to use the Cycles renderer or for a differently lit scene.

The work plane being stuck on a single axis sounds like Axis Lock might be on. It's not covered in the basic tutorial but the written advanced tutorial does. Basically the toggle on the left of the axis indicators in the Sprytile panel.

Sprytile's tools are untested with subdivided meshes and is not really designed for that use case.

This style of rendering is really neat and an unexpected use of Sprytile for me! Would love to be updated with how you push these renders.

Thanks for using Sprytile!

Hi Headclot, thanks for the well defined feature request. I'll put this in the issues for Sprytile, but I wouldn't be able to say when I'll be able to add this feature.

Thanks for using Sprytile!

Posted in Full Changelog

Older changes

April 16, 2017 - v0.3.1

April 15, 2017 - v0.3.0

  • Fill tool implemented
  • Pressing shift key while snapping changes snap modes.
  • Affordances for object mode panel

April 9, 2017 - v0.2.8

  • Enhanced work axis plane indicator
  • More fixes to build mode, should no longer build behind mesh
  • Integrated Blender Addon Updater, install latest updates from Blender

April 8, 2017 - v0.2.6

  • Fixed build mode regression, unable to build over other tiles
  • Implemented automatic image reload
  • Implemented work axis indicator

April 4, 2017 - v0.2.5:

  • Fixed tile placement crash bug, are we free from Sprytile reset?

April 2, 2017 - v0.2.4:

  • Fixed multiple materials bug.
  • Material/texture setup modified.
  • Advanced Features tutorial added to documentation.
Created a new topic Underwater Cuties

To enhance Sprytile's paint capabilities I'm building a scene that has more organic shapes

A turntable is an interesting challenge to build with tiles, but I was inspired by a pixel art style I've been experimenting with to build it as a circle. It needs tweaking to deal with the texture frequency getting higher as it goes in, but I think it works. A neat bonus is finding out that the paint tool supports doing this quite painlessly.

The most polished part so far is the little submarine. Check it out on Cartrdge for the sketchfab model and more screenshots!

Hi. There isn't a way to repeat the same tile on a single face because it wouldn't be technically possible without a specific shader.

What you could do is use the set normal mode on the face and use the build tool to create to roof tiles along that normal. There's a written explanation of set normal mode in the advanced documentation.

Hope this helps!

Posted in Mini Showcase

Lowpoly Ship by @Hyohnoo [sketchfab link]

Posted in Mini Showcase

Mega Man Legends inspired ship, by @mnrArt

Yep, it would be the limits of Blender and the 3D engine if you're exporting to somewhere else. There may be performance issues with higher polycounts since Sprytile uses raycasting but I haven't really put it through a stress test.

Posted in Mini Showcase
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little submarine built with Blender's mesh tools and UV mapped with Sprytile's paint tools. Part of a bigger scene I'm working on ever so slowly.