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Chelly Badger

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This game was so fun that when I was going to end the recording, I said screw it and kept going because I was enjoying it so much! I definitely plan to make this one a series because I adore it!

This game was a ton of fun despite that sneaky fridge trying to get me busted! Darn vigilante justice fridge!

I really loved this game- who knew viciously attacking your veggies and pasta for recipes could be so fun? LOL 

I really enjoyed playing your demo and hope you'll continue the next nights as I'd totally love to play more and do a series on it! Thanks for such a great game and awesome idea! 

I absolutely loved this game, the world is beautiful and the idea is very creative!

Not only was this game fun, but lawwwd did it keep me on my toes with the timer! Who would've thought being a maid who also happens to be an explosive technician could be this fun??

This game was fantastic! The details in the graphics and the idea behind the music box was immensely creative. It created a building up of suspense whenever I would wind it! EEK! :D

I looooved this game and plan on doing a mini series run of the episodes! :D