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Glad you got so much play time out of it haha

After I beat the second level the text bugged out and had all the sense visible at once, so I couldn't tell what sense I was using unless it was sight. Even with that I was able to solve the next level, because it kinda just came down to switching sense until one works, it's not much of a puzzle. The game might get more interesting later on, but I think this is a tough concept to design challenging/interesting puzzles around

Moving while shooting causes the bullets to spread uncontrollably, it's a  mechanic from Counterstrike to encourage careful movement and patience. It's not the most intuitive, but our game was a direct homage to CS so we copied some mechanics directly. I'm glad you enjoyed even though that part was frustrating!

You know, I suggested we add a way for the player to type in chat themselves, unfortunately it didn't make it in in time since it's a pretty useless feature

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sorry to hear you're having trouble playing, unfortunately that part wasnt on purpose lol. If you want to dm me your specs on twitter I can try and see what the problem is, we plan on releasing a small update after the jam to fix some issues and maybe add some more content. My twitter is @chef__seth

Nice job! My only complaint is that sometimes it's better to kill yourself if you took a wrong turn than it is to go back the way you came, not sure how to fix that. You also could have had an enemy that needed to be in shadow otherwise it would attack, balancing between the two could have been fun.

This is really cool and the art was worth the time spent on it! Could see it being a whole game

I liked this one, I hope it doesn't fly under the radar

the AK has random spread when you move, so it is a little janky but we had to emulate CSGO really quickly so we couldnt be perfect. Thanks for giving it a play!

had me real scared we missed a bug with the AK haha I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing

Nice! I actually had fun with this one, good job!

Is the rest of the music available somewhere?

It should be back up now, sorry but I had to reupload the  game. Enjoy!

Should be back up, sorry I was reuploading the game to get the true GOTY Edition on. 

Thanks for the comment! I'm glad you enjoyed it. We thought about multiplayer for sure, as far as level design I personally think the open levels suit it pretty well. There's several ways to go through a level like  this and with such a simple concept replayability adds quite a bit. I think smaller levels would reduce the game to it's gimmick, but having a more complex level gives it a  layer of depth otherwise  not there. We could do a better job of  having enemies stand in front of walls so you don't throw  your ammo off the cliff so easily though, the openness certainly doesn't help with that. Also the AI is really hacky,  I commented somewhere explaining  how it works and I think you might enjoy reading that if you can find it. Thanks for playing

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Wait, could I use this to make my own levels? EDIT: I CAN, honestly makes the game way more fun

Oh that's cool! I'll do that, I'm sure I'd enjoy the rest of it

Very good!  Voice acting was PROFESSIONAL

The bloom when you tilt down makes the level unseeable, cool idea and great art though

Not sure if the get six briefcases level is possible WITHOUT exiting the level at zero thus breaking the game, but really fun concept would definitely play this more

Love this, super fun first level and the presentation is so cute!

10/10, you get to play as Murphy from Rayman Legends. Seriously though, great job, this is a good one

This is a good idea with some phenomenal animation,  but it needs to flesh out the concept more before it turns into a complete game. I'd love to see more work on this though, it could be great!

Love the art! Great concept, almost definitely a finalist. 

Very impressed you got it so polished so quickly! It feels the most like a finished game out of any I've played so far, excellent job. I'm not sure what the subversion is supposed to be, on rails shooter with no shooting? 

Good art, needs some time spent on feel but it's cool! I like the idea if you run with it, add tons of ways to defend and it can be just as deep a game as any action game

Whoa, the moving window thing was really cool! I like that it's fun first and gimmicky second, it's a good time

The delay bugs are unfortunate, but I'm glad you enjoyed it anyway! I'm going to try and patch things after the jam and hopefully clean that stuff up. Thanks for the comment

Hey this game was accidentally submitted twice, I appreciate the loving comments it's gotten so far, but if you could rate this one instead, it would really help! Thank you all a ton!

Glad you enjoyed it! You have no idea how hacky the enemy AI is, I would redo it from the ground up if we ever were to "really" make this game. Right now the enemies are technically physics objects, and I just add forces to them in random directions to make them "walk". They have almost no awareness of what's going on, they do look for the player with sightlines but that's mostly to keep them from activating and running code before you encounter them. Thank you so much for the feedback, it makes me so happy to hear you liked it.

Hey thanks for the feedback! The bugs are unfortunate, but so far everything that's been reported has been known about so once the jam is over there'll be a patch fixing all of them. We didn't quite have enough time, but that's the fun of the jam! Thanks again for the comment!

Very well polished, cool concept. I like it!

As a Sacramento resident it is NOT this pretty