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Eerie, yet fun! Cool mechanic, and I love the emission maps on the character with the bloom! Always nice to put some modern charms to a retro style. ;-)

Strange! Was it a specific NPC or all of them? Have you tried entering and exiting the area? What resolution are you running on?

That's strange, which version were you using?

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Cool Aesthetics! Game was a bit tough, but fun overal!

Creative idea with fun mechanics!

Love the clouds in the main menu! The final countdown really brings some youth sentiment.

I really like it! I was amazing when the purple colors opened up on the top floor.

I'll see if I can find a MacBook to test it on soon. 

Did you get any messages or pop-ups whatsoever? How far could you go? 

Never mind, I already rated it, hahaha, good luck out there.

Whoa, level 4, nice, My record was something like level 7 or 8. I'll be rating yours!

Thanks for the feedback!

Never thought about non-qwerty keyboards, glad to hear your controller works! 

Thank you! It's pretty difficult, indeed. Haha.


The shuriken trajectory is influenced by your movement :)

Sure thing, mine is here :)

Good to know the linux version is working!

Thanks a lot, I hope you had fun playing!