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What about the prizes? If you're working in Godot or something else, and you happen to win, you get a Unity Pro licenses... That's sounds like a bit of a waste and mild slap in the face, especially if you chose a FOSS engine because it was FOSS.

What's the error?

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Thanks, I'll remember not to add new game mechanics less than an hour before submitting for the next jam I'm doing. XD

Thanks. I think I might have made that too hard, I added those in the last minute. I should have stuck with the land mines!


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Ohh, that makes so much more sense! Can you also delete the .git folder if you have one? That adds a lot to the size.

Wait, so I can just delete the .dae, .obj, or .glb file once I've linked it to a scene? Does that still count against the project size since it would be the only bit of mesh data for that mesh?

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Hmm, try hitting Windows tab, see if you just missed the popup windows with the controls and stuff, I'll be moving that to an in game menu today. (probably right now really :P)

Edit: I think I found the issue, it should be fixed now!

Thanks! I really appreciate it!

Sorry, I was joking, I could have easily ask, "Why am I gaming on Linux? xD"

The real question is... Why are you gaming on a Mac? XD

Oh sorry, they're just EXE files, but I forgot to add ".exe" on the end.

You click to attack, but I haven't added any animations so you can't really tell that you are. The tail physics was done using the JiggleBones addon by BauxiteDev. And the character is a robot fox, It would be weird for his fur to change colors, but I could do that with his eyes and nose! The idea of calling it "thermals" came from how one would call the tempeture of all the parts in your computer "the thermals". The name is terrible and I'll definitely be changing it though.

What's a Mac? XD Sorry about that. The attack should be applyed everything in front of you but I think theres some desync between when a colision is still being registered and when a frame gets it's input, so running around and swinging your sword doesn't work very well.

Sorry I'm not sure what you mean by that, but I've found a game breaking bug that prevent's you from playing the game on anything other than a computer simular to mine. So hopefully what ever caused your issue gets fixed when I re-export the project.

My guess is "Temperature"

Someone just added the #gd-jam channel in the Official Godot server. :3

You might want resubmit the Linux executable as a 64bit one, this one run on most computers without some work on the user's side.

Would I be disqualified if I used the character model I've already made? If there's anything I'm not comfortable with remaking it's that.

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I've been working on a game since the beginning of October in Godot 3.0, but I wouldn't mind rewriting it in Godot 2.1 or another engine just to include it in a jam. I haven't gotten very far along in development, and 3.0 keeps corrupting the scene files, but I'd like to reuse most of the assets (just a character model) and possibly some code. Is this allowed? Would it be fine to just keep working on this project as is and submit it? It really isn't much, it only has player movement, and parts of a weapons system implemented.

I think you may have only uploaded the Godot executable at least for the Linux version. :/

Oh gosh, light theme, XD.

"Sea & Space"

I love the way this game looks and simple graphics let's it run at a solid 60FPS on my 10 year desktop PC, awesome! Although, changing the key maps would be nice, left and right makes it really confusing and sometime my computer will reject they key if I press them both too fast.

I still have the walking bug on Linux 64 bit. Looking up helps, but then you can't what's in front of you.