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when i saw this in my email notifications i freaked out! unfortunately i have class today, but i'll definitely download this and play it as soon as i get home (if i don't have homework)

10/10 too many walkies

What exactly is the purpose of the game? Is there an end? Is there an answer to all of this madness? Why am I touching this butter? Why haven't I stopped? Is this game addicting? Am I addicted to this game? Do I just have a thing for touching digital butter?

I have many questions and I fear they may not be answered.
(Great butter toucher, btw!)

Honestly? I really liked this dating sim. It's not too difficult to keep track of (by that I mean energy wise, having to keep track of how many energy points an action takes up before I have to 'recharge'), and any action I do just adds Love to the meter, which I appreciate very much, because I love these chiller types of games. Wonderful game, loved the pacing, I sincerely hope you do more of these in the future! (Happy New Years!)

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Hi! I read this, and this was really nice. Afterward, I read your other comic, and I thought it was really cool too!

Very nice! I found this really calming...

I had no idea how to play in the first time and I only talked to Austin and then after that I realized how badly I messed up and then just guessed who did it. I can't believe I was right, though???

I have no bae, but I have gotten a pretty good score button mashing (18)

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I love how the music starts after making 'that' choice, it was a really good touch and it made a surge of affection roll through me. *clap clap* I really enjoyed this game!

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I... I got really attached to the game, and my baby cousin got to my laptop, and he exited the game.

I frantically opened it again, but... ; - ; All of my progress was lost. This was horrible to me, since I had already gotten fairly far into the game, and even if the situations were repeating, I was still enjoying it.

Do you think you would ever put a 'Save' option in the game?