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I'm glad they helped haha, you're welcome. Hope you have a great week yourself ^^

Very cute game. You're welcome and thanks for sharing! :)

Hey looks good, thanks for sharing! :)

Cool, thanks for sharing, glad they helped!

Thank you, that's kind of you to say. Hope they help!

Hey Reg, yes no problem, just credit "Matt Firth (cheekyinkling)" - thanks!

Hola Waloso; No, perderían su forma :( el pixel art se puede cambiar de tamaño hacia arriba pero no hacia abajo. Lanzaré otros paquetes de 16x16 en el futuro. Saludos, Matt

Thanks, glad it helps! Best of luck with your game!

Hey Savage, contact me at or for a quicker response cheekyinkling#8135 on Discord

Thank you

Hope it helps!


Not sure what you mean by "second creation", but yes you can use this for commercial games. Just credit "Matt Firth (cheekyinkling)" - thanks!

Glad to hear it, thanks :)

Use the asset pack for whatever you want. I don't know if Godot has certain requirements/sizes for icons, if that's what you're asking.

Hi Lusi, I used Photoshop

Yep no problem, just credit "Matt Firth (cheekyinkling)" - thanks!

Yep no problem, just credit "Matt Firth (cheekyinkling)" - thanks!

Hey, my server will be running a horror jam from the 16th to the 30th, starts on Friday. The aim of the jam is to get devs working together to make and finish a small game, to get some experience under their belt. We have a small discord community with devs of every stripe so it'll be easy to find a team.

The theme will be announced once the jam begins. It can be any genre or style - interactive fiction, RPG, Action, Visual Novel, whatever you want to use to explore the theme.

You can get involved here:

You're welcome ^^

"Matt Firth (cheekyinkling)" - thanks! Or just "Shikashi" is fine


Both, commercial is fine.


Hi everyone, I've published my first jam today and the theme is "one game, three stories". It starts on the 27th June and will run through to 11th July. We have a small discord community for aspiring devs of every stripe so it's easy to find a team! Our goal is to get devs working together and to finish small games to get some experience under their belt.

Join here:

Thank you for sharing the link, it looks great!! Glad it's been useful! :D

Thanks for the feedback Nightspeller. Your potion doesn't look bad, just needs a couple pixels adding in the shadow and the liquid should have  a steady line on top. and I think the trap would look ok with a less vibrant purple and the middle line a darker purple. 

I will probably do one last update, which will include edits from jclaws. I don't know if I'll be able to do all of your suggestions but I'll include some of them for sure.

I'm familiar with Github, I'll definitely consider that once I've made the final update.

Remember my icons are basically edited icons from, so you can easily make edits by shrinking 'em down and working on top of them. And this is the palette used: (with some small additions) - I hope this helps!

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Ah I can't set up Stripe just now, you have to mess around with tax info etc. In the future I'll have all that ready to go, sorry for the inconvenience. Anyway don't worry about it, take care!

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Hey man thank you for the comment. I enabled the donation option, didn't think anyone would actually use it so didn't enable it previously.

I wasn't sure whether to do 32x32 but it seems to have been quite popular so maybe my future packs should be that size too. Best of luck with your project  👍

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Hey I'm glad. Cool, I sent a DM over on Twitter.

Wow very nice job on the icon viewer!! I've added this to the description above so others can access it easily. Great tool for people to swap the backs and test them out, thanks for sharing Qi!

Hey that's really cool, I've started playing tabletop sim recently. Nice one, gave it a thumbs up and a sub!

Sorry there was such a delay, I hope its useful to you! And thank you very much for the follow!! :D

You're welcome! Thank you for the comment!

Hi loop,

1. Yes that's no problem. The icons can be used for whatever you want.

2. Yes you can edit the icons and do what you like with them.

3. Yep that's fine too.

Good luck on your project.

You're welcome J :D

Hey Doc, I hope it's useful to you. If you want to add credit just list "Shikashi" and ""!

Glad to hear it! :D

You're welcome. They can be used for business too!

Hey I'm glad to hear it. There'll be an icon update soon, if you have any requests just let me know. Best of luck with Heartland, it looks pretty interesting!