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Of course! :) Thank you for your patronage!

actually, you should be able to DL them now :) 

Please let me know if it will let you download them now!

:o Oh no! I'm so sorry, I'll send you a coupon code to DL it for free after I figure out what happened.

:) Thanks! I have changed the mechanics and stuff up a bit to make it easier in the next update.

:) Thanks! I have changed the mechanics and stuff up a bit to make it easier in the next update.

Oh okay :) Thanks good to hear. I'll keep it as it is, then.

Thanks a lot! Making a gameboy style game was completely new to me, but I tried to do my best to make it feel like a slight upgrade to my experiences as a child. 

I've almost completed the first level, so hopefully you enjoy the rest of the game while I'm updating it :)

Thank you! :) I'm glad you made that connection of the robot's weight causing the clunky controls. Hopefully I dont have to nerf that too much, cause I liked that little touch, but it may not be for the best.

also, I'll be sure to fix all of those issues in the next update! Thanks so much for the feedback!

Thanks a lot :) I'll be making some bigger things in the future, but for now, I'm going to work on this for a little while longer.

Thanks! :) 

Do you dislike the fast falling speed/little air control? If that's a common complaint, I'll change it to be less clunky, although it was actually intentional haha

Well, I'm glad you liked the audio and visuals, hopefully you'll like what I have in store for the next update. :)

Thanks so much :) I've still been working on it, so hopefully you'll enjoy the next update.

Thanks! :) I'm glad you caught that! I was trying to make it feel a little more like a GB game because of the limited waves that can be played at once.

I'm glad you liked it! I'm gonna keep working on it for a little while, so I hope you continue enjoying it.

Thanks for the feedback! :) I'm gonna keep working on Nova Blaster for a little while, and all of the issues you've addressed will be fixed in the next update.

No, this is just a HTML5 game.

Thanks a lot :) I'll definitely keep working on it.
Right now, I'm remaking Breaker Bots, but I'm going to move to this afterwords. I'm really glad to see that people have liked it so much, despite being incomplete.

Thanks so much! :D

And thank you, btw! :)

Sorry, the problem is just that the game isn't complete yet :( 
If there seems to be enough interest in the project, I'll continue development after this jam, though.

Yes, I am actually :) lol
I hope I didn't offend you! Thanks for using my tileset in this rad game.

This game is rad

Probably the best game here.

I don't know about that tileset... haha

Thanks :) 
I'll go ahead and keep coding until this little demo is done, hopefully it'll be a bit more entertaining then.

Thank you very much :)

Well, to be honest, I wouldn't change a thing about this game. It just seems like one could probably argue that every hero in the game performs AT LEAST two actions (As the first two on their own can move both ways horizontally or vertically). 
My complaints about following the theme is something more technical, and honestly maybe should even be acknowledged considering this is the first time I've actually taken the time to participate in a jam in any meaningful way, so my judgement might be made off of naivety and lack of experience with what is generally accepted as "Following the Theme"

My though about this lead me to giving it a three out of five as far as keeping to the theme, because, in my opinion, the theme of "Only One" seemed to feel more like "Only Two" in this game... But, I've enjoyed the design so much that I gave 5/5 in the other two categories. 

While I understand that you wanted to keep to the theme very strongly, if I weren't the only one that pointed this out, I wouldn't pay any attention to it if I were you. It's always great to win a jam, but I personally think you have something more here. 

I don't think it follows the theme as well as it should, but it's a fun, cute, clever, and brain teasing concept. Love it!

There is a lot wrong with this game. Cant see the controls on the title screen because of the resolution, I'm not sure it has anything to do with the theme, I can hardly tell if it's actually a rhythm game because it seems separated from the music, audibly and visually. 

:o This game is very cute and original, I love it!

Well, jee dang. Make the situation more intense with character complaining about having to pee, then peeing themselves, and people actually attacking, etc... This concept is pure gold.

Thanks a lot! I hope you'll enjoy the asset pack thats about to come out.

XD This is so hard, it's almost impossible to play! 

Overall, it's a fun and exciting experience, though. It's a simple kind of game. And endless jumping game is pretty normal now. But the fact that you have to aim and be precise with hits (plus use tools that I apparently cannot find yet) makes the experience similar to the feeling of playing a shooting game. One that's nearly impossible, simply because of positioning in reflex time.

This game demands to be played with max mouse sensitivity. Playing at default is suicide. 

No problem!

Wow,  this is looking incredible! Great work!

Thanks! :) I'm enjoying + OGA very much. I may also start a Patreon in time. I want to wait a tad longer, but it'd be awesome if I could decent good money from making free stuff. Especially if I had time to make more big packs like the Metroidvania one. (Although, I want to add to that one specifically). I want to redo my Zelda inspired tilemap, because the 200+ one is UGLY. I was trying to make it as modular as I could, but somehow made it look hideous. XD

Nevermind. For some reason I thought we'd have to use Famicase art as a thumbnail and stuff. :)