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its so realistic to the point my gtx 650 was in denial with this game and its not running smooth enough lol.

where's the game now? i'm waiting

i am still waiting but didnt see the download yet

The game is the reason why i create this account to express what i think about it. Its the second time i played this game again, it is so real and it hit close to the reality, As a 14yo kid, me personally is stressed out because shit was going through my life as i grew older and i started thinking about how's fucked up my life was, my childhoods ruined, and i am not prepared for my adult hood to face the same consequence when i was young, i found this masterpiece, its haunted but beautiful at the same time, wish i could find the hope that May found, but no, I cant guarantee myself that my future will be better since i decided that i wont live another year of suffering anymore. After all, I enjoyed the game, atleast this is one of the beautiful things i achieved before going to end my suffering at the end of this year. Dying is my solution, I never wanna live to remember things that ruined my life, I'm glad that i found this game before being a dead person somewhere before 2020 started.