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Charos Villacho

A member registered Sep 10, 2018

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O-oh... I'll refrain from giving my answer out!

I-I just noticed the nostalgic reference to Morenatsu... Awww I'm so enjoying this!!

*screaming as I mark this down on my personal calender*

Totally excited for the upcoming build!

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To my surprise, the error message does not happen anywhere but just located at Ravensfolk. The version I'm playing is Windows (PC). ^_^

Awesome thanks, I'll go to that. No worries, anything I can do to help!

Yup! I used the brown pillars in Ravensfolk and that's when the error message appear few seconds after. It happens all the time yeah, but I have not done it outside of Ravensfolk yet. I'm going to try using hook in other maps and let you know the update tomorrow. :)

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Ah! I'm in the part where I need to look for the rainbow bird to the east. I was just exploring the Ravensfolk by using the hook- haven't went to the mountains yet. I wonder if this error message would happen if I attempt this hook anywhere other than being at Ravensfolk?

Baby Jesus... xDDD

Love all the customizations!!

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Hi KDM! I've been encountering this error message after using the hook rope to jump across the chasms. It happens every few seconds after using the hook rope, I'm unable to progress any further if I keep using the hook rope. ;_; (Currently in Ravensfolk town)

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A-ah... The buildings in Elm Village wouldn't let me in. I could see the sign on building that implies to be an inn, but I couldn't get inside. Other than that, I didn't see the lady. >_<

Update: *coughs* This is embarrassing. To access the doors I'm supposed to hit enter button... I made it in. My apologies.

That's rather odd, I couldn't find him anywhere. I rescued and healed the doggy, bumped into him at Elm village, and I can't go into Fara Mountains because I need to do "something". So I saw this comment, I decided to go back to the cave with first save. He isn't at the cave. I'm pretty stumped and I don't know what I'm missing.

Perhaps we would have choice in determining that we the readers would like to choose being dominant or submissive...? Hehe... I like that.

Ooooh I like likey. This is great!

Great visual novel with a lot of potential in the future! Each character has their own quirks and I love them. I'm already happy with what I see out of this... More than excited to see updates!

I certainly enjoyed playing as I read the story. So much potential. The characters involved are attractive and mysterious! Looking forward to more out of this. :D

Ooh- looking forward to what you have in the store in future. :)

Truly amazing game. I'm so glad I purchased this game! There are just two suggestions that I believe would make this game extraordinary.

1- All the monsters on battle scene are quite detailed and cute. I'd love to see our character sprites to be detailed as the monsters!

2- Primary/Side Quests tab somewhere? It would be useful reminder to those who inevitably get lost in the game struggling to remember what they're supposed to be doing.

Regardless... This game is so worth the fun. <3

Geez... This is really nice story! Yes Jean, I love the uniforms too ;)

Totally looking forward to see more updates!!

OH my goodness... Tylos though, I'd marry him in a milli-second. I'm looking forward to more out your badtime stories!! Ronch is dreamy hehe. <3

This is amazing. This story resonates with me very well mainly because I have been writing a story of my own since summer 2018, the themes between this and my story are eerily similar and well damn... You just gave me a huge boost of inspiration. I won't be getting any sleep sometimes soon! I fell in love with Adastra and I definitely will be donating in the future.

Love the progress!! Looking forward to see more of your developments in the future. <3

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OOF.... I had to check "Alternate Download Mode" to get the file downloaded.

Deathstar25, I'm talking about downloading the file. >_>

I attempted downloading your most recent file, Windows_UB_2.1 and my Norton immediately cancelled the download, saying "malicious download detected."

I never had problem with that when downloading the rest of your files. I am wondering if there is something wrong with your most recent file at this moment? Let me know! I've tried anything I could do to get that.

I'm already looking forward to see all routes completed!! I especially fell in love with Gil and Lars. Good lord, I need to make my decision... <3

While taking a close look at their blessed bodies, I can safely their body types are different ... But omigosh, Reinhard and Gear though. They're so damn hot. <3

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I love the way how your visual novel is going! I made sure to have plenty of saves as I go along to earn love points to make the combat easier. Oddly enough, I earned all of the love points but could never be able to defeat the Death-Seeker after seeing Juleon for the first time... Maybe I'm weaker than I thought but the combat with Death-Seeker is really tough to get through (Nearly impossible)... :(