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game looks broken on Firefox but seems to work with Chrome

Beautiful work. Archive is working fine.

On my screen (1680x1050) either it's super small and unreadable, either its full screen and ratio is messed up ! That's a shame since the game is pretty.

maybe a 2x window, or stripes on fullscreen so it keeps the ratio ? 

Super, very simple, thanks ;-)

Hi everyone, everything's in the title :

How to make a static layer for UI ? I'm doing a 2D view-from-top game, with a camera following the player, that's fine. But how to make the UI elements to stay on screen when moving ? I could make a UI family (with an array) and make it follow the player as well but it sounds dirty. So I thought there was something to do maybe with layers. But about this, documentation just write "Setting a camera's layers isn't implemented yet as of Superpowers v0.12. Until it is, the recommended (and hacky) way to do user interface is to move the UI camera and its actors far away on one axis."

I don't get this ... "Far away on one axis"

Can maybe someone describe how to do this more precisely ? thanks for your help

(I was working on Construct 2 before, you basically just had to set one layer "parallax" to 0 )