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I love this game very much. The art was great and it was a good laugh

it was great, I love games that uses unsettling factors instead of cheap jumpscares

I enjoyed the game, but I had to restart because when I dropped the knife, it fell through the floor. I also didn't like how the door would close on its own, that made it hard to navigate. But cool game. 

Nice and simple, great game

AHHH. AMAZING. I got all 3 ending and it was just incredible. The art style had such a good charm to it and the storyline was incredible. I was on the edge of my seat most of the time. So amazing.


wasn't expecting the "Horny" mood, had me dying laughing. Great game!

That was short, a little weird, but great. Loved it

noooo! that smile at the end got me!

This game was amazing and beautiful. Loved the art style, loved the text. I love taking walks to just think as well so I connected to the game quite a lot. Great job!

oh my goodness, that was such a sweet game. Kind of made me sad with how sweet it is. The lady was so focused on trying to save her cats before she passed. 10/10 game. Short and sweet.

this game is short, sweet, and funny