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Time and life got away from me. It's two years later.. I've relocated the source and am thinking of continuing it. I'll post up where it was when I left it :p

Didnt get quite as much time on it as I wanted today. But got the bones of object selection, crafting system, item spawning and some things :) Time for a few days of ploughing though making as many items as I possibly can and then on with the crafting tree, weather and survival specifics :)

Loving the black and white :)

As soon as the other half wakes up and draws me some fight animations ;)

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Been tinkering with my raft based survival sandbox today. I spent waayyy too long on the fish spawning code :P

Tomorrow is the crafting system start :)


In reality the pixels aren't dithered like that, they are gif artifacts.

Cheers! Will have to see how it pans out. Done no prep for this jam, scibbled idea at breakfast, and have just got on with it. May have lost focus by spending too much time on an object to instance jumping fish juuusssstttttt right.. :D