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Thank you, we're glad you enjoyed it! While we haven't settled on a set price point at this time based on the rewards on our Indiegogo campaign you can expect the game to be around $15 USD

Thank you! Yes, the full version will be commercial.

Thank you! We're hoping to get out a build ASAP!

Hey thanks! We're compilying a list of assets and resources with the jam so anything you guys want to post here I'd be happy to include!

Thank you!


This does seem to be what the problem that the "stuck key" glitch causes where buttons such as alt still work but the arrow keys refuse to work. It's extremely frustrating and sadly something we can't fix but normally just restarting your PC will allow you get back to playing.

I made a really simple test for you to check the game which you can download here! If you're not getting the same results, if it's working check to see if it's fixed in Ara Fell and if not please inform me and I'll look into what's messing with your computer!

We are currently working with EasyRPG to help develop their RPG_RT interpreter so hopefully if this continues to not work for you in the future you'll be able to play with the new runtime application.

We apologize!!!

Thank you, we'll fix this ASAP keep a look out for a patch!