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Love the game! I'm just old enough to remember using a old DOS machine to play the Putt-Putt games. You replicated it really well! I got really invested in the characters, I ACTUALLY WROTE FIC for the in-universe show, and oh my gosh I love how everyone's flaws are important but not off-putting to their character, and the way the characters talked (typos, emotes, etc) really brought out their personality.

I ran into some bugs:

-Closing MNet can result in progress being lost, even if you don't exit the game

-Sometimes, the active window isn't on top and is thus invisible

-in fullscreen mode (might be unique issue to my 3:2 display) mouse cursor's position desyncs from the sprite representing it.

Thanks so much for making this game <3````

Lots of interesting ideas here. Notably, emptying your calm meter doesn't result in a game over, the bar just goes in the wrong direction. It would have been nice to see more custom animations, or reactions from your neighbors :)

I like seeing the evolution of your games. This one isn't especially unique, but the restricted color palette and user interface elegance (no tutorial needed :) make it really memorable. Keep making games, I love how different they all are.

I love what you finished. The art style is beautiful, the poses are expressive and full of character. The background, music, and consistent theme, color scheme and style across the entire game really add to the immersion, too. If you ever get around to finishing this game, I would be very exited to play it. For now, I'm glad something like this- so full of style and grace, in ways I want my work to have, exists. Thank you.

TL;DR Fun, fast-paced, and colorful. It reminds me fondly of spending all day playing smup flash games.

The Great:

I love the focus on giving the player lots of ways to avoid troublesome obstacles! My favorite is definitely the dodge roll, with the saber as a close second (because I can't use it as consistently). I didn't like ducking behind cover at first, but I've come to love it as a catch-your-breath button.

The varied enemies are great, especially the diverse set of projectiles. I love exploding cars (Reminds me of Commando and Commando 2 in the best way), and the soundtrack feels good. I also like how the aim mechanic forces you to move to actually hit what you're aiming at.

The Good:

Although I like the focus on gameplay over story, a hint of story before the end of the first level might be nice. The main character's design is beautiful, and the animations are snappy and satisfying, but I can't tell that she's shooting beams out of her hand, instead of just having a laser pistol.

The enemy designs are also pretty good. The bright palette and good use of profiles really helps sell them, and keep them distinct from everything else going on. It might just be because I suck and have to repeat levels a lot, but I've noticed the same animations over and over again, so it might serve the game well to mix them up a little more like the voice lines.

The Meh: Having to remap every key to change just one is a little annoying.

The bad:
The default controls are a little clunky, especially for keyboard, and I don't like how the tutorial restarts completely when you die. I'd also like an option to make aiming  a toggle rather than a hold-down. The saber also doesn't seem the most reliable: any tips for getting more out of it?

In conclusion, this game is a lot of fun, and really polished. It exceeded my expectations by far, and I'm very happy with the value for money. I'd be happy to pay $10 for it now that I know how good it is. Maybe I will when I get around to your other games.

I joined a game jam about all original assets, actually. It's the IDB jam, and it's a week long. They want you to use unity, but you don't have to.

And the nice comments: they're what I wished I'd gotten when I was first starting out (in writing, not programming, but you know)

I got a twitter. I'm @RoslynFireheart

Oh, okay. Thank you.

Oh, congrats!

I don't have a twitter, sorry. I've been told to make one, so if I ever do, I'll let you know :)

As for music and animation, there are lots of solutions. You can find free stuff online or find talented people to help you out. You can also learn to do it yourself, but that's a little more time intensive.

I'll keep playing your games because I enjoy them, so please keep making them (when you have time, of course)

Thank you!

Music is kind of subjective, but I tend not to like harsh, high pitched tones too much.

You definitely did what you set out to do :)

That's interesting. What were you trying to make the rat's animation feel like?

I think it might be fun to have a third mode where the mines explode after three or four beeps.

Thanks for continuing to make interesting games :)

The concept is quite cool, and I like the way that mines beep to make them easier to find. The main menu theme sounds terrible (sorry, it does), but the level song is pretty good. I would like to hear a longer loop of it.

The menu looks really good. I like the way day mode, the top of the game's title, and night mode all glow in contrast to the dark, gloomy surroundings.  It's very clear what you're supposed to do. I chose day mode first, which was a clever way to make me play the tutorial without labeling it as such or giving me on-screen instructions.

The visual design in-level is also great.- the rocks, mine, rat, and background are all very easy to distinguish from each other, since each has a distinct size, shape, and color. The audio que with the mines makes it fun to hunt them fast. I am not, however, a big fan of the player model or its animations.

Over all, it's a solid experience that left me wanting more. 

Three small improvements:

Have the mines explode at some point

Improve the animations for the rat, especially in day mode, where it's more zoomed in on it

Replace the main menu theme, or use the level theme for it too, and extend the loop so it doesn't get annoying after two minutes.

Is that cheating? I think it matches the themes but not the letter of the rules.

Well, I'm exited. Also, nice profile pic.

Oh, thanks for the heads up!

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This game is really good. It's intuitive, easy to learn, and chock-full of the clever design that separates good metroidvania games from bad ones. I love the way two rooms are reused, but feel totally different after you get the powerup needed to take their second exits. The boss (I named her Rosa) is a lot of fun, and quite difficult. I've never seen a boss that requires you to wall jump, and the first phase was a lot of fun to learn and beat.

The second phase was also a lot of fun, but since you get the airjump powerup in the boss room, you don't really have a chance to learn how to use it, which makes the second phase kind of frustrating. I'm also pretty sure the health bar extends past the screen, so you can't tell if you did damage the first few hits (apart from the subtle red flash that's easy to miss if you're not looking for it.). I've only beaten the second phase once, but I've beaten the rest of the game at least six times.

The second to last room before the boss, with three enemies in it, doesn't seem to work as intended. You can hit them through walls, and the last enemy is inconsistent in its behavior, which makes it hard to beat/walk past without taking damage.

The last issue I found was that the game runs at different speeds on different computers. On my laptop, jumping is slow and bouncy, while it's so fast on my desktop that I'm pretty sure that the game eats my inputs sometimes.

(This might help with that issue)

I also had to rate one star for sound because there wasn't any.

I know I just dropped a lot of criticism on you, but the game is really good, and the issues I've mentioned shouldn't take too long to fix.  It's surprisingly complete and polished for the time and file size restrictions, and the level design is some of the best I've seen. Period.

Cute as heck! love the pixel art, and the instructions (You can't step on the flowers because you are a good boy) are all great. Would have been nice to have a second level or music, but I really can't complain because this game is great.

I use Google translate too, when I'm trying to speak Spanish. It makes conjugating verbs a looot easier.

Yeah, no problem :) Have a great day!

This was a really great game. It's an approach to platforming I haven't seen before, and that's really cool!

The third level was really hard, but a lot of fun. I wish I could have seen more of it my first playthrough, but my solution to it was to just glide across the floor.

The meteor jump level was definitely my favorite, and the health packs were placed perfectly! I had almost no health both times.

I like the art style, too. It's a unique, cute but not too cute look, and I'm impressed you made all the assets yourself. It helps the game have a consistent look and feel. I'm going to play it again as soon as I finish writing this review!

That's amazing, thanks for telling me !!

Your English is very good, I didn't notice any errors in it. I'm exited to see what you change. I enjoyed rating your game!

It's a cool concept, and once I figured out how to actually play, I had some fun with it. I like how it fully embraced the 16 color theme by having sixteen colors on screen.

I think that mixing up the color you're supposed to catch might be fun, especially if you want to roll with the theme as much as you are. Overall a pretty good execution.

Glad I could help! Thanks for making DDD :)

The movement is slick and responsive, and the music is a good choice (even if you didn't make it).

The stylish lack of visual flair, and the little trail your avatar makes are both excellent touches.

I don't think the game needs a tutorial, but it would benefit from pieces that are more intuitive to interact with.

The white squares, for example, are totally opaque until you understand why they kill you. You might want to have them change how they look if you're in the air.

Overall, it's a solid game, and I had fun reviewing it.

Yeah, you do get a LOT for those $15. Does that mean all PICO-8 games are basically open-source?

I'll definitely buy it ASAP, it seems like a fun and powerful tool.

It's a really good first game, and I'm exited to see what you do next.

I've actually been playing it a lot too, and I'm starting to see the appeal a little bit more. The movement takes a good amount of getting used to, but I've beaten 2k, so that's pretty cool.

The simple mechanics are great, and the core of the game is excellent, I'd just like to see a little more apple on top if it.

I haven't played with PICO-8 at all, but if you could drop me the source files, I'd love to fork this game. (I also kind of want to beat your high score. I'll let you know if I do :)

Trying games out has been a lot of fun. There's a lot of great PICO-8 games, so thanks for introducing me to the platform.

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Relaxing, cute, and a little unpolished. I have no problem recommending Meteor night.

Neat, relaxing little game. I hope to play the full version some day.

TL;DR: The menus are slick and well presented, but the game itself isn't fun or pretty to look at.

The good:

-Menus are slick, intuitive, and responsive

-Chicken pixel art looks good

-You can into a  game really fast fast

The meh:

-Unclear what the differences between chickens are until you test each one

The bad:

-Movement feels awful because chickens accelerate way too fast

-Since worms aren't autocollected, the optimal strategy is to always be mashing the eat button

-High scores are unreliable because of how random worm placement is.

-The playfield is ugly, and it seems like there's only one a level

-Most of the play area feels like it's wasted space, especially since there are only ever two objects on it.

-Music loop is too short, and gets annoying quickly

How to fix these issues:

It feels like this game has two games it wants to be, but instead of doing one well, it does both badly.


make movement slower and more precise and slow down the hunger bar

This means that the peck to eat mechanic rewards skillful play more, and makes game mastery satisfying. Have new levels at the edge of a new player's average skill level (in the current game, that's between 1500 and 2000). If they don't get to see it, tease the level in the game over screen


make worms autocollect, and turn the careening chickens into a feature

Add more worms to the play area, so that missing one is less of a big deal. Then, add absurd elements, power-ups, or the like, so that a casual player can get good and have fun as fast as possible


-Make the background more colorful, and change it fairly often

-Make the main music loop longer, and add better audio cues

-Add visual cues for eating a worm

-Spawn multiple worms, some closer to the player and some farther away. The farther ones are worth more points, might grant power ups, etc