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First off: LOVE the game, absolutely brilliantly designed and implemented <3

Suggestions below are only to facilitate more time with it and being able to recommend it to more people :D. As such, my requests are mostly ergonomics/QoL and accessibility focused:

  • An indication of the last shop opportunity if about to leave while still being able to afford more things.
  • Floor number indication while in shop.
  • Highlight available destination tiles on card hover. Would maybe combo nicely with:
    • Confirm move by clicking again on, or dragging card onto, on of those highlighted valid tiles.
    • Keyboard shortcut for cycling through cards instead of mousing over, to show available destinations as suggested above and to show cards' general info and powerup text.
  • Include damage reduction from armor in "You will take x damage" text on tile hover.
  • Clearly distinguish 0-damage tiles given current armor -with some unique look or just by making nonzero dmg tiles a little more clearly bounded (many ticks all over the board are tricky to separate into tiles sometimes).
  • Clearly distinguish tiles which would be fatal given current armor -maybe reserve the skull graphic for this or somesuch.
  • Undo option, limited like in Into the Breach or unlimited as maybe a difficulty setting.
  • Keyboard hotkeys for ending turn; leaving shop; leaving intro area (but not before player has accomplished these things once using cards -it teaches the mechanic so nicely!)
  • Option to visualize and slow down / insert a small pause between effects so that it's easier to understand why e g killing a Matron using a card with diagonal splash doesn't also kill the freshly spawned Sacs; or why pushing a nimble unit using a card with Splash doesn't use up 2 of its charges.
  • Option to previsualize where a Nimble unit would move to.

Hope some of these fit your vision! Stay amazing! <3

omg omg om gom congratulations!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 : DD

Love it! <3

What! Lil friends :3

Thanks for sharing, it made me cry <3

YES!! Oh my god a million congrats!!! 💖💖💖💖💖

Oh my gosh I love it! It gives me the same satisfaction as Hexcells and Paint it Back but with less of the strain! Tysm for uploading! ❤

Happy hols and best of luck on your teaming-talk! <3 <3 <3

I have this game on Steam and it is amazing. I love playing it and taking breaks to make music while it runs in the background <3

Oh my GOD I love this update! I'm so so happy to hear that you're working on the robustness and testing up a storm! I think that makes it hugely more likely that your wonderful game will live up to its potential <3 <3 <3

I. Am. STOKED! <3 <3 <3

Oh yes!!

Ohh! My logger bots are never gonna be axe-less again! :D

Good eye! I LOVE the new pallet things for planks poles and logs! :D

The hype is real!

HECK YEAH! :D <3 this game is such an injection of lifeblood into the genre!!

I love this breakdown! And I second the request for some Brain updates! :D

Even if the sky falls down before you manage to finish this, I still would prefer that to you burning out <3

stfu the looping on the gif is so sick nvm the cow look at the windmill jfc :D

Oh! Of course! That's why you're the best :D

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Holy moly macatronics :O

Not to further encourage the current scope-splosion cause I don't want you all to burn out ^__^; but I think it would be hecka neat to just treat carts as a type of worker body with a super restricted navmesh, and program each cart (or locomotive) with its own lil worker brain :D

Omfg :D

Yeeeeesssss I've been wishing for this!! :D

So happy with the design decision to not enforce pressure! <3

Just found this through Aavak's YT channel, LOVING it so far! :D