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the full video of this game is on my youtube channel. leave a like if yall enjoyed watching it<3

i like this game a lot. id appreciate if you guys watch this video and support my channel, stay awesome! 

awesome game. id love to see it as a complete game, heres my take of the demo and i hope you guys enjoy watching this vid and hit that like button !

i honestly wish if this game was longer. id appreciate if you guys watch it and also support my channel. thank you! 

support a brother out by leaving a like and subrcibing to my channel <3

honestly this game scared me. it was great and you guys did an amazing job

this game made me start to question reality itself, great job

all jokes aside. i like this game!

short game but enjoyable to play, heres my take on the game

the game was fun. lowkey missing my PS1

cant wait for the final product!

i hope we get the full gameplay of this game. it was fun!

heres my take on the game. its GREAT